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Studying Overseas: Mainland Chinese Student in the UK - Essay Example

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Studying overseas: mainland Chinese student in the UK Name Institution It is one thing to conceptualize an idea and it is another different experience implementing the very idea. Thinking about oversees learning does not only appear fascinating but also lucrative for an individual with such imaginations…
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Studying Overseas: Mainland Chinese Student in the UK
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Extract of sample "Studying Overseas: Mainland Chinese Student in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages If such claims are true or not remains in the hands of the researchers. This paper explores a study that was contacted among Chinese students in the U.K. The paper, as well explores the research methods employed in carrying out the research. The purpose of this study is to extend the literature on psychological adaptation of mainland Chinese students in Britain and what they are expecting to improve their experience. Method and Design of the research. This study is an example of an ethnographic design study. An ethnographic design is normally a qualitative method of research that is aimed towards understanding and learning certain phenomenon, which may reflect in one way, or another to the systems and knowledge that guides the life of a certain group (Peter, B. 1994). This design is employed in gathering data that are empirical on cultures and societies of humans. Data collection in ethnographic design can take a form of a questionnaire, an interview or observation. In this study, the collection of data could be done using observation, and questionnaire. The questionnaire used in this study can be in the form of a booklet. The booklet should have a number of questions and concerns that need responses from the subjects. The subjects need to be divided into about three groups. Participants should be allocated into the three groups by first ensuring that they are mainland Chinese students. Next the participants of this study should be studying in UK. The dependent variable for this study is the experiences of the mainland Chinese students while studying in UK, whereas the independent variable is the Chinese students. Participants. The opportunity sample for this study could be made of about fifteen participants. These participants could be obtained from a group of mainland Chinese students studying in UK. They should be selected using the fact that they have to be students who reside in Chinese and pursue their studies in UK. These participants need to be volunteers since volunteering participants will give out information with no bias. These participants can be invited from UK schools or can be friends of the researcher. In this study the fifteen participants can be divided into about three groups. The three groups should consist of five participants each. These groups need to be given names according to the duration that the participant would have spent in UK during their studies. The first group, for example, would have subjects who have been in UK for the duration between 0-5 years. The second group should have individuals who have been in UK for the duration between 6- 10 years. The third group should have participants who have been studying in UK for the duration of 11 and above years. The ages of the participants in this study, shall not have any influence in the results, therefore, age should not be considered in this study. If the participants have a busy schedule and cannot be found at the same place at a particular time. Therefore, a self administered test would be the only option for this study. Otherwise, the participants should be given the questionnaires by the researcher, who will administer it in groups of subjects. In this case the researcher server the role of an active research observer. Materials used. The apparatus to be used for this study include: A recorded CD, oral ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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