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Positive Replacement Behaviors - Essay Example

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Positive Replacement Behaviors Date Positive Replacement Behaviors Reinforcements: Positive and Negative The theoretical framework of reinforcement theory could be traced to the work of B.F. Skinner who closely evaluated using positive reinforcements to control the behavior of students (Bourbon, 1997)…
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Positive Replacement Behaviors
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Extract of sample "Positive Replacement Behaviors"

Download file to see previous pages 1). For reinforcements to effectively work, it was emphasized that students need to be deprived of whatever tool is planned to be used by educators as reinforcers. The crucial role of deprivation was initially thought of implied in early reinforcement theories, but as Bourbon disclosed, “if a child has all of the attention he or she needs or wants, then a teacher cannot use attention to "reinforce" the child’s behavior. No deprivation, no control of behavior. No control of behavior, no discipline program” (Bourbon: Deprivation and Positive Reinforcers, 1997, par. 6). Positive reinforcement was, therefore, defined as “a process in which a stimulus is presented following a particular behavior, thereby strengthening that behavior. The stimulus is referred to as a ‘reinforcer’ and is roughly synonymous with the word ‘reward’” (JRank Articles, 2012, par. 2). Simply put, positive reinforcement is a process that educators could implement in teaching students to act in a particular way and rewarding the students for manifesting correct behavior. On the other hand, negative reinforcements were described as “a process that involves the removal or reduction of a negative or unwanted stimulus after a behavior occurs, thereby strengthening that behavior. ...
For example, students who are assessed to be sensitive to loud noises or instructional materials that could distract their attention could be provided with more conducive and accommodating learning environments, such as sitting them away from noisy areas, providing quiet learning spaces, and even providing some students with earphones which minimize noises and distractions and assist in focusing on the activities at hand. Plan for Students with Emotional Disabilities 1. Problem Behavior: Student A is identified to manifest "passive-aggressive" behavior by seeking attention and intermittently expressing anger indirectly through the use of manipulative behavior such as exhibiting cruelties, stubborn refusals to cooperate, being excessively loud with violent tendencies or exhibiting passive listening and being always out of the student’s seat. 2. Possible Explanations: Lack of support from members of the nuclear family; demographic profile (cultural background, income level, social support); history of abuse or violence; trauma from past events; academic failure; peer pressure; frustration. 3. Replacement Behavior: to appropriately deal with passive-aggressive behavior by: (1) asking assistance from a teacher or peer when he feels maladjusted behavior; (2) he will focus on clearly defined positive learning goals to assist in developing optimistic perception in life. 4. Goals: to apply positive reinforcement through (a) assessing the signs of passive-aggressive behavior together with Student A; (2) to recognize that positive behavior would be exhibited by cooperative learning, active listening and focused attention to learning activities; (3) to realize that there are support groups (teachers, peers) who she can tap in cases where maladjusted behavior tends to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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