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The Passage - Essay Example

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He went back into the hut, straightened his camp bed, cleaned his submachine gun, and picked up his shaving kit. On his way, among whitewashed eucalyptus trees and clustering notices commending tidiness and discipline, he suddenly remembered that today was Independence Day, the Fifth of Iyar. …
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The Passage
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Extract of sample "The Passage"

Download file to see previous pages Today the platoon was to mount a celebratory parachute display in the Valley of Jezebel. He entered the washroom and, while he waited for a free mirror, brushed his teeth, and though, of pretty girls. In an hour and a half, the preparations would be complete, and the platoon would be airborne, on its way to its destination. Throngs of excited civilians would be waiting for them to jump, and the girls would be there, too. The drop would take place just outside Nof Harish, the kibbutz that was Gideon’s home, where he had been born and brought up until the day he joined the army. The moment his feet touched the ground, the children of the kibbutz would close around him and jump all over him and shout, “Gideon, look, here’s our Gideon!” The writer composed the passage by describing the scene and his thoughts of the main character. The writer gives us a detailed visual picture of a boy and includes details of his movements from room to room. The writer describes the thoughts of the boy and what he anticipated. Every sentence seemed as if the writer was a true witness of the actions of the boy, or thoughts of anticipation by the boy as seen through the eyes of a narrator. It is written as if the narrator of a play was speaking. Without reading the entire story, I can conclude that the passage is most likely extracted from heroic tale. ...
The writer decided to add details of the main characters surrounding his thoughts and his hopes. The writer decides to mislead the reader into thinking the boy would be successful as his thoughts are positive. For example, the writer wrote the following: “Would be complete and the platoon would be airborne, on its way to its destination.” The writer describes a soldier who is happy for this day. The writer includes details such as the venue of Independence Day, who will be there and how people will react. In this way, the writer describes the boy’s character. Later in the story, we realized that this is not what occurred. Instead, the writer wants the reader to believe in the optimism from the main character at the end of this passage. The writer does not describe the character as a patriot for his country. He is described in a way that makes the reader presume that the character is doing things for fame and glory from his family, the children of the kibbutz and women. This character (soldier) is thinking about his parents, children and women and not what he aspires than to be a hero. The writer conveys this by describing what the character is thinking and envisioning. Grammatical and rhetorical elements seen in this passage are personification. For instance, “eucalyptus trees and clustering notices commending tidiness and discipline”. In this sentence, the writer is setting a scene of a military base in a way that even the trees are tidy and disciplined just like soldiers. The writer also describes everyone including the civilians. He does not just write “Civilians would be waiting,” instead, the writer writes, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Passage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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