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Fixing Pubic Education in the United States - Essay Example

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This essay Fixing Pubic Education in the United States talks that with numerous researches on the American public education system, it reveals that the education system puts a lot of pressure and torture to many students in the elementary school. …
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Fixing Pubic Education in the United States
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Extract of sample "Fixing Pubic Education in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that in the US, elementary education is compulsory and begins at age 5. According to Avril Toffler, compulsory education was premeditated to fabricate obedient factory personnel who are used to performing repetitive errands. Besides, compulsory education is a criminal, communist and unconstitutional because it is unusual and cruel punishment. Hence, the education system constitutes unintentional solitude. Thus, this is what the US education system does to the junior citizens who are in elementary schools. It is evident to deduce that what the children will specialize at will be mastering their alphabet but not being creative. Thus to yield creative citizens in the future, the federal government should do away with the compulsory system of education. This will enable children in elementary school to apply appropriate principles, values, and reasons to make a sound decision in their lives. This will enable them to become responsible citizens too.
This discussion makes a conclusion that the US education system trains students to be employees and consumers. The system is unable to give rise to critical thinkers and aggressive entrepreneurs in US. If the system is not fixed, there will be no room for inventors and innovative citizens in the future to solve future challenges. To change the trend above, the government should implement a system where talent of individuals is nurture from a tender age thus enables development and specialization of an individual in his field of study. With such a system, there will inventions in the country thus economic growth. The system will also encourage entrepreneurship; thus this will lead to job creations and reduce pressure on the few available jobs hence decline in the unemployment rate, which is currently on the rise. The US system does not give rise to critical thinkers and thus the students are taught to obey rules and regulations in elementary school. This, in turn, confines the students and suppresses them to express themselves. Since the students are not given room to express their views, their creative talent is curbed. The federal government should introduce a system which promotes a one on one free interaction between teachers and students. This will facilitate a favorable learning environment; thus it will nurture the students public relations and elevates student’s power of thinking. Besides, interaction between the students and the teacher will enable the teacher recognize the student’s area of difficulty; thus it will enable him to strengthen it. Besides, once the student is perfect through one on one discussion with the teacher, he will become more specialized and innovative too. One on one interaction also encourages group discussions and exchange of ideas. The US education system resembles a state penitentiary because of the incarceration, constant surveillance from the teachers; bells ringing at intervals, age segregations and lack of privacy thus prevent children from learning how to think because they will be in constant fear of being punished by their teachers. When children are exposed to such circumstances, they are forced to addiction behavior. Constant surveillance retards students from being critical thinkers thus lack in creativity. Besides, it gives the teachers room to manipulate, harass and punish students incase they have done something erroneous. The federal government should introduce a system which does not tolerate teachers’ harassments to students. Besides, classes should be conducted in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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