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Developing a Teaching Plan - Essay Example

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Developing a Teaching Plan Name School Institution Developing a Teaching Plan Observation and Description The observation of the classroom routine in this video seems to be one that is the process of explaining information to students on the first day of class…
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Developing a Teaching Plan
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Download file to see previous pages This comes off as friendly yet she is still in charge of the classroom. Bringing order into the classroom early on can help establish a set of solid rules to follow and discipline. This type of treatment of the students' materials also showed respect not only to the teacher and her rules but it also taught the children to keep their items in good condition rather than askew. Since this was taught early on, it was continued to be implemented throughout the year. She also was very organized, letting students know what to expect each day to learn. This was so that students would be able to see their guidelines for the day and implement them so they could see what they had accomplished throughout the school day. She also uses methods to introduce the fact that students will be expected to learn cursive, not immediately but down the road during the year. She also establishes order using chips, assigning jobs and posting a classroom clock. Ms. Petone uses numerous methods to keep her students organized. Though they are just third graders, she establishes order in her classroom early on. The students know what is to be expected of them and there are few surprises. She rewards her students for jobs well done and also gives each student their own responsibilities. Every day is a schedule. Students know what different tools or areas are used for. She gives students direction and is proactive in adapting these procedures to her classroom. Analysis, Exploration and Reasoning When analyzing the way that the students behaved in following Ms. Petrone's classroom structure, it is evident that it works because she was discussing that by the one-hundredth day of school, the students would still be organized. A predicted student level of engagement in this scenario would be that the students would be more respectful to the teacher. She is friendly and makes sure that the students understand instead what she is saying. She does not talk down to them so they are more than likely more open to being responsive. Since they know what everything in the classroom is for, they are more than likely to know when and what certain items or areas in the classrooms are used for. The strong structure of the classroom is indicated using the board with the day's routine on it. This helps students feel like that they have accomplished more and keeps them more focused and on target to see what they have achieved. The students will more than likely be willing to please the teacher and will learn responsibility through the classroom jobs she has assigned them. Since Ms. Petrone is rewarding the entire class for good behaviors and attendance, it is also another way to get them to work as a group. No child wants to be the one reason that the entire class did not receive a token. One classroom routine that has obvious purpose is the classroom schedule. This shows the entire schedule of the day so that the classroom students can see what they are supposed to be doing and when. Once they have completed one task, they can move on to another. This gives them a feeling of accomplishment and achievement. Also, when a child sees what they have done, they are more likely to be able to recall what they did at school that day. This actually keeps everyone on schedule. If something goes off schedule then it just gets pushed back to be a task for the next day. The students will be excited once they see that their tasks have been checked off of the list. Connections to Other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developing a Teaching Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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