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Instructional Design Outline - Research Paper Example

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INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN OUTLINE Name: Course: Tutor: Date: INTRODUCTION Today, the world is rapidly changing as a result of globalization. Presence of a globalized economy has brought about opportunities, challenges as well as unpredictability (Brown & Green 2011)…
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Instructional Design Outline
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Download file to see previous pages The main purpose of education is to nurture critical thought, capacity for independence and creativity in general. Educational institutions need to ensure that young individuals leave formal education armed with the skills, aptitude, and confidence needed to face life outside school (Brown & Green 2011). It has in the past been believed that educational success of a child is dependent upon their background. This is however not the case. Educational success is determined by the willingness of the student to learn, their hard work as well as the effectiveness of the educator in teaching. Educators in the 21st Century have come to understand the importance individual education since the young generation of today is the future of tomorrow (Brighouse & Woods 1999). Just as it is in the business world and other industries, the educational sector has become a diverse and cultural center where students from different backgrounds come together to learn. Due to this fact alone, the educators or teachers need to consider the fact that each individual student has their own special needs in as far as learning is concerned (Brown & Green 2011). For this, a planning process is required. ...
According to majority of literature focusing on education, learning is more likely to result to change in practice once a needs assessment has been carried out as personal incentive tends to drive educational effort. Creation of a Needs Assessment Plan can be made for a number of reasons and therefore it is important that its objective or goal be defined, and determine the method of delivery (Brighouse & Woods 1999). It is believed that needs assessment in itself enhances educational effectiveness as well as the outcome but it is crucial that it be placed within the wider process of planned learning (Brown & Green 2011). Educators need to be aware of the fact that individual and group learning needs differ where one may fail to address important needs and interests of individual students. It is thus important to develop a balance when establishing a needs assessment. As aforementioned, the world is rapidly changing and this creates pressure on educational institutions to ensure accessibility and equity where resources are lacking or are less. There is also an increased demand in the need for institutional autonomy in addition to tremendous and heightened transformations taking place in a turbulent external environment (Brighouse & Woods 1999). One importance of a Needs Assessment Plan in learning is to examine as well as evaluate discrepancies while facilitating the creation of priorities of responses to the needs (Brown & Green 2011). A needs assessment is an important instrument of educational planning, evaluation and implementation where decisions about priorities are made. It also reduces uncertainty with regards to the planning process. Irrespective of their differences, students are expected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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