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- Reading - Case Study Example

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Case study Name Institution Teaching is an involving process that involves all aspects of a human being. In teaching, one has to include all the five senses of a human being to ensure understanding. Students often have different levels of understanding and different levels of hard work…
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Case Study - Reading
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Extract of sample "- Reading"

Download file to see previous pages The world mostly looks upon the kindergarten teacher to ensure kids have acquired the rightful skills in each stage of development. Failure to achieve this development milestone in learning calls for intervention by the teacher to assist in ensuring the student catches up with the rest (Paulsen, 2010). As a kindergarten teacher in charge of Jeff, aged 5.9 years in grade K, I realized he was a quit a hardworking boy though he was lagging behind in reading skills compared to his peers. Jeff participated in all class activities and mastered most kindergarten skills involving math skills, art and hand-on activities. I identified his strengths as being able to identify and matching lower and upper case letters, understanding the meaning print convey, plus being able to listen and participate in reading sessions. After meeting with the parents and discussing his problem with them, I had to come up with goals and strategies that might be beneficial to being Jeff improve his reading skills (Paulsen, 2010). The following four goals were the ones I managed to come with to ensure Jeff catches up on his reading skills. Given a book, Jeff will read fluently In reading books and print, Jeff will understand concepts in them After reading books and print, Jeff will engage in talk about them Jeff will pretend to read while using the book’s language. ...
This strategy is often advantageous for a student like Jeff who has reading difficulties (Paulsen, 2010). The teacher is always present to ensure the student achieves the given goal. The teacher here will point on certain words and sentences and until Jeff is able to read fluently. This strategy allows for constant repetition until when Jeff improves on his reading skills (Paulsen, 2010). Repeated reading is another strategy that can be employed to ensure Jeff develops his reading skills. In repeated strategy, the student is made to repeat sentences, and certain words in order to achieve fluency. The student is made to repeat the same sentences and words so as to become more familiar with them and remove the reading difficulties he had (Paulsen, 2010). This could be achieved through partner reading. This is when classmates are paired so as to practice reading in pairs. Another way when repeated reading could be initiated is through group reading. Here, a group of students is made to read a given sentence or story collectively (Paulsen, 2010). Another strategy that could be employed to help Jeff improve is peer tutoring. Here, Jeff could be encouraged to practice reading with other students who are good in reading (Paulsen, 2010). Jeff could be placed with his peers and left alone to practice reading. In peer tutoring, a student is able to receive encouragement from his peers and try to achieve the reading level the other students had attained. Jeff on seeing his peers, will most likely feel more encourage since he can interact with them too, and help him build his confidence in reading (Paulsen, 2010). This could be done through cross-age peer tutoring that entails older students tutoring young students. Young students often ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study - Reading Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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