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The Bio-Ecological Model of Human Development - Research Paper Example

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The Bio-Ecological Model of Human Development Ginger Hudson SOC312: Child Family & Society Professor Andrea Hayden-Davis February 27, 2012 The Bio-Ecological Model of Human Development Introduction The bioecological model of human development is a concept that has evolved over time in bid to explain the results of the scientific study of the development of a human being…
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The Bio-Ecological Model of Human Development
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Download file to see previous pages It is a model that traces the development of an individual throughout the life course of an individual. It is with this genesis that a summary of the four systems and their influence on the development of a child will be evaluated. Consequently, the differences existing in the model with be delineated and the factors outside the model that influence that development of a child discussed. Moreover, the relationship and interactions of the systems will be delineated in bid to address the impact of the relationships in the development of a child. The Bio-ecological model and its related research designs is an evolving theoretical system for the scientific study of human development from the perspective of individuals and groups. This paper will be aimed at addressing the thesis statement: Bioecological model has a significant role in a child’s development (Berns, 2009). Summary of the Four Systems and the Influences that they have on a Child’s Development To place the bioecological theory of human development in its wider context, it is important to note that many of the perspectives postulated as a body of the theory are integral parts of other relevant thoughts on empirical enquiry into the concept of human development. ...
lly its interdisciplinary and integrative approach to development through the age periods of childhood and adolescence is important in formulation of policies and programs necessary in promoting youth and family development. The bioecological model aims at unifying the research studies that have been conducted and affirms that the development of an individual is influenced by four ecological systems. This includes: macrosystem, microsystem, mesosystem and exosystem. These four systems interact in a manner that shapes the development of an individual throughout the life course. These systems work in harmony in shaping the intra-individuality of a child, depending on the contexts in which the child is exposed to. In order to garner an in depth understanding of the bioecological model, each system will be reviewed and its influence on child development explained in bid to address the thesis that the bioecological system influences the development of a child (Bronfenbrenner, & Morris, 2006). Microsystem: is the initial context (primary) which the child is exposed to at the first stages of his development. It entails the interpersonal relationships that the child experiences during development as the child interacts with the social and physical aspects of context. The microsystem is the layer closest to the child encompassing all the structures in direct contact with the child. It therefore defines the relationships and interactions that a child develops within its immediate surroundings. These factors either enhance or inhibit the development of the child. Being the initial development environment, it also influences the development of the child in other subsequent environments. The micro environment includes the child’s family, school, peers and religious activities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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