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The Teacher with Tough Standards: Honesty - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Teacher with Tough Standards: Honesty” the author discusses a case where Ms. Christine Pelton, a teacher at Piper High School gave her students a project to write for their botany class. This was a botany class for sophomores…
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The Teacher with Tough Standards: Honesty
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Extract of sample "The Teacher with Tough Standards: Honesty"

Download file to see previous pages The students understood that what they did was wrong. This is because Ms. Pelton had warned them about using papers from the internet and submitting them as their own. She had also told them about the consequences of such an action should it happen. The students also signed a contract agreeing to the said penalty. Despite the fact that the Piper High School handbook on plagiarism offered no explanation, the warning given by Ms. Pelton was enough for students to understand that such an action was wrong. However, they did not understand its extent and consequences because it was not clearly explained in the school`s handbook of plagiarism (Infantino & Wilke, 2009). The penalty was not appropriate. Despite the fact that the penalty could have been expected or correct with respect to the warning that Ms. Pelton gave to the students, it was not appropriate because of certain issues. first, the school`s handbook on plagiarism had not defined clearly whether such a penalty would be given to offenses like this one. It offered no explanation for the penalty. This made it unclear for students pertaining to what they could or not use the internet. She did not refer to the school`s handbook of plagiarism. Ms. ...
 For this to happen, there should be a procedure and plan to be followed. In addition, the teacher responsible for the subject should be consulted. The board did not do any of this. Instead, the board made this decision as a way to resolve the problem. Therefore, the modification is unjustified (Reeves, 2001). Parents are part of the school community. This means that they have the right to be included in the school`s decisions. In the same way, they have a right to complain or express their concern when their children`s performance is affected. The conduct of the parents is justifiable and appropriate under these circumstances. They expressed their dissatisfaction with regard to the manner in which their children`s projects were handled. They acted within their mandate. When the principal and school district superintendent backed Ms. Pelton`s decision, they appealed to the board of the school. They gave reasons and explained why they thought the penalty was unfair. Therefore, parents did all they could to ensure that their children do not get a harsh penalty for a mistake not explained clearly in the handbook of plagiarism (Lathrop & Foss, 2005). A senior from Piper High school, in an interview with CBS News, said, “It probably sounds twisted, but I would say that in this day and age, cheating is almost not wrong.” (Jennings, 2008) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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