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Challange of Moral Education - Term Paper Example

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This paper will analyzes the challange of moral education. Education is the foundation for the development of human ability to reason and make decisions responsibly as may be demanded by the society. …
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Challange of Moral Education
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Extract of sample "Challange of Moral Education"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, I have always wanted to have an impact on my students and other learners since teaching to me is more of just a professional but an opportunity to serve different interests and direct people on the right paths to success. This is my main philosophical belief and motivation as a professional in the field of education. As the learners discover the best ways to attain moral standards, they are in turn able to present themselves in class in a suitable condition for grasping the contents of learning. Secondly, I believe in honesty and this value has motivated me to present the best I can to my students. Honesty is a religious virtue that is based on presentation of facts and situations they way they are without making alterations or intentionally making misrepresentations for personal interests. I believe that by being honest first to myself and then to the students, I am able to build a free learning environment, which is important for the whole process. During the learning process, evaluation of learners is always a critical component for the attainment of learning objectives. As a result, my next motivation is on stressing on merit rather than favoritism and biasness. For learners to get a real picture of the progress they are making in the learning process, it is important to provide them with the most sincere and standardized feedback as much as possible. Stressing on merit also helps in evaluating my effectiveness in the various modules. Subsequently, another of my motivations as a public educator is based on the principle of fairness to all regardless of their social, cultural and religious backgrounds. This is because looking at the divisions humans have in their quest for identity may blind our decisions. It is therefore common to...
This paper approves that learning is an important developmental process in the life of any individual regardless of their religious, social or cultural standing in the society. Moral values are often overlooked in the learning process despite the numerous opportunities and advantages to do so. This project is therefore an important initiative of ensuring that the value system is promoted in the learning environment I am and shall be engaged with. My core philosophies and beliefs are based on issues that are critical for the success of learners even beyond the actual schooling or learning process. As a result, my advocacy in this area is pegged on the future of learners.
It Says that organizations that support ethics and morality in education will also be partnered with, where possible, especially in provision of information to the learners. All these measures will therefore be employed to ensure that the challenges are eliminated.
Thia essay come to the conclusion that , it is important for curriculum developers to ensure that moral and ethical standards are promoted even in the development of appropriate content for learners. To the extent of improving the learners’ attitude and belief system, the effective implementation of this program may be essential for the overall improvement of learners’ performance. This project is therefore an alternative to ensuring that there is a constant and gradual change in the learning process as well as among learners from different backgrounds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Challange of Moral Education Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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