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Atypical Development - Essay Example

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Atypical Development The student is 13 years old and has challenges with paying attention, poor reading comprehension skills, and poor socialization skills. As the teacher, I would address the areas of inattention, the problem with reading comprehension , and socialization…
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Atypical Development Essay
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"Atypical Development"

Download file to see previous pages The student also has reading comprehension challenges. The student is in the seventh grade but only reading at a sixth grade level. This can cause a problem for the student as they grow older because they will not be able to read well. As an example, they may not be able to read and understand a driver’s test or information about food in the grocery store. The third at-risk behavior is the fact that the student is friendly but has little social skills. The scenario does not describe exactly how this happens but it can be assumed that although the student is friendly and outgoing, the other students do not pay attention to the student’s efforts. Another possibility is that the child reacts in inappropriate ways when interacting with other children. As an example, the child may become angry when they lose a game or they are not sure how to talk to other children. According to Wiley (2007) social skills are very important for students to develop when they are young because they live in a social world. Social skills must be taught so that students understand how to act in the social worlds they will interact within. If they do not develop social skills they can risk becoming isolated or seen as “strange” which can lead to bullying by other students. Interventions Intervention 1: Attention Span The student is in the classroom and often daydreams. ...
I would also use small group activities so that the student could interact with other students during the learning process. The third intervention would be to watch the student and as I saw them going into a daydreaming phase I would let them know I was going to call on them next to answer a question. I would remind the class to focus on what we were doing at that time so I could bring the student’s attention back to the classroom. These intervention would specifically address the daydreaming in that it would give the student something to do for a shorter amount of time. The outcome for the intervention would be that the student was able to sit in the classroom for the entire classroom time, without daydreaming. Progress for this intervention could be monitored by keeping track of the amount of time that the student is able to tolerate. As an example, the starting point would be 10 minutes, the time would be extended to 15 minutes and then finally to the full class time. Once the student could stay in the class without daydreaming and without using the timer, I would know that the intervention was effective. Intervention 2: Reading Comprehension I would want to identify the aspects of reading comprehension where the student is having the most problem. I would use three techniques to help in this area. I would first split the class into small groups of no more than four children. I would have the student sit with readers who were a little ore advanced than the child. I would begin with previewing techniques in the group. As an example, each student would have to answer a question about what we were going to read. I would have groups ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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