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Professional Educators Making a Difference Name Introduction Based on my experience and what the teaching profession entails, I do believe that stopping just at the level of Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education is not enough, I need to further my education to the level of doctorate…
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Professional Educators Making A Difference
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"Professional Educators Making A Difference"

It also depends on the relationship between the learners and the educator; hence it is imperative that a cordial relationship between the educator and the learners must be ensured (Fox, 1996). As an educator with the doctorate degree, which by coincidence is the highest level of education one can achieve in a given field, it is my expectation that my reputation as an educator and as the member of the society at large shall be highly enhanced. Learners and people around the world shall begin to see me as the most dedicated researcher in the field of education. This will be an advantage over other educators who just stopped at the level of certificate or bachelors degree in education. I shall be a role model to my learners and any other person who wish to further his education or career in a given discipline. Many people who have received a doctorate in education normally benefits a lot, they can be absorbed in the learning institutions as leaders, they can work as researchers or even as education administrators, not forgetting, they can also be employed as curriculum developers with high pay (Sheridan & Pyke, 1994). The more educated one is, the more money in terms of salary one is entitled to earn. With a doctorate in education, the highest degree possible, one shall be compensated accordingly for his hard work and sweat. No doubt he shall be enjoying the fruits of his struggle and dedication. My belief as a doctorate holder also is that I shall earn a lot of respect from the administrators and my fellow colleagues and I shall assume a great sense of personal satisfaction. I shall be able to completely face any challenge that might arise in my classroom with a lot of confidence and without fear. That is the reason why I don’t feel like stopping at the lowest level of my career, I must struggle to be extraordinary. I believe that common efforts can only yield common result; hence for me to achieve extraordinary result I must put extraordinary efforts. There is no doubt or question about the importance of earning a doctorate degree as it purely creates more career opportunities both in terms of remunerations and type of employment one can dream of.asa a qualified educator with the doctorate degree in education (Breslow, 1995); I must transform and train my students into this direction .When in classroom with the learners, I must display professional conduct, that is when I shall be surely a role model because I do believe in a fundamental fact, that education ultimately depends on what happens in the classroom. It depends on what the students are taught and the kind of the relationship that exist between the educator and the learners. It is my role as a professional educator to help my learners develop their chosen career in the right direction, which is when my integrity shall be upheld. Unemployment rate for those holding the doctorate degree is almost zero, a fact that has also contributed to my urge to further my education. As the employment requirement rises in the market, doctorate holders acquire advantages and immune, this leads to the decline of the competition (American chemical society, 1995). It is a fact that everything that has benefits must also have detriments. This is a fact that is worth noted especially by the individuals who aspire to climb the ladder of their career. With the reference to the doctorate deg Read More
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