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Competency Criteria - Essay Example

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Competency criteria Name of institution: Name of student: Date: Introduction This paper will discuss the different nurse teacher competencies and using them to assess the nursing teaching faculty in areas of mentoring, scholarship and duty. It is necessary that any faculty of any discipline carrying out assessments frequently, to ensure that they assess their goals (theirs and their students)…
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Competency Criteria
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Extract of sample "Competency Criteria"

Download file to see previous pages Faculty evaluation also provides an opportunity for change in the process of teaching, handing of student diversity, curriculum development among other relevant areas incompetent instruction. Assessment 1. Facilitate learning This is the most important competency for all nurse educators. The faculty should be able to make the learning process possible by; A. (Task requirement: show enthusiasm by teaching). The faculty should make learning exciting to the learners by being enthusiastic about teaching. An enthusiastic teacher passionate about teaching and take pride in passing on information to their learners. An enthusiastic educator passes on his morale to his students who end up liking the learning process, and therefore, learning more. B. (Task requirement: Show an interest in a learner’s progress and activities). The faculty should also demonstrate an interest in the learner’s actions. The educator must be available to assist learners in their time of need and offer solutions to their problems. A learner should know that they can always get help in their educational and personal support from their faculty. C. (Task requirement: Show understanding to all learners). The faculty should be able to provide for their learner’s unique needs in terms of gender, experience, and multiculturalism among other differences. Every learner is different from the other in one way or the other, and the all should feel at home being a part of the nursing faculty without discrimination or abandonment. D. (Task requirement: Facilitate tutor and learner interaction). The faculty should increase cooperation between educators and the learner. Learning can only take place if there is information. This is facilitated by teacher learner communication as the educator will know the level of understanding of the learner and also identify individual differences in the learners through cooperation. 2. Facilitate learner development and socialization Nurse educators have the responsibility to help students develop to become professional nurses and integrate the values and performance required in the role of nursing (Meyer & Van, 2008). The faculty can do this by; A. (Task requirement: Show students demonstrations). Providing students with demonstrations and examples on just how they are required to do things as professional nurses. The faculty should ensure that the learners have the necessary skills needed to use resources to learn and improve themselves as potential nurses. B. (Task requirement: Meet individual learner needs). The faculty should use the required resources to diverse learners to enable them meet their unique needs. These can be in terms of extra tutorials for learners who are using English as a second language or have different programs to cater for a wide range of students, for example; those who need evening classes. C. (Task requirement: Encourage group discussions). The faculty should encourage learning through discussions as they create an opportunity for the learner to improve their communication and interpersonal skills as they interact with one another. Discussions can also be in the form of private talks with the educators where the students are offered a chance to set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Competency Criteria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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