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Education Experience in a United States University vs. Education in South Africa - Essay Example

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Debbie Angilley 11/30/2011 Dr. Donahue Eng. 101 Education Experience in a United States University I had been working as an assistant for a local non-profit organization for nearly ten years now. I was beginning to wonder why the career growth that I had always aspired to see was proving elusive…
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Education Experience in a United States University vs. Education in South Africa
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Download file to see previous pages Later in the day I met the human resource manager, who assessed my credentials together with my goals and interests and then suggested the most suitable mentor. For once in my life, I felt happy about myself. I was taking action and doing something about my career development plans. The next day, I booked an appointment with my mentor at ten in the morning. I couldn’t wait to hear what he thought and had to say of my plans on career growth. At exactly ten in the morning, I left my office and headed for my mentor’s office in a happy mood. By now he had already been briefed by the human resource manager of the agenda. He went straight the point, asked a series of questions. These included; why I chose to become an assistant, what were my expectations as regards the job, where do I see myself in ten years to come, what fields was I interested in working and what my long term goals and dreams were. I struggled to answer some of the questions and this made me realize that I had become complacent. I had lost sight of everything that was important to me with regard to career progression. After a long chat, we came to a conclusion that for me to experience the career development that I have always wanted I had to go back to school. ...
How long will it take? All these questions ran though my mind. Acquiring higher education in this day and time is undoubtedly critical; this is due to the ever increasing demand for skilled manpower in our economies. Universities, colleges and technical training institutes are the single source of skilled manpower today. Currently, there are tens of American institutions of higher learning and making a choice on which university to join poses a major challenge to many would be students. The situation is not any simpler in South Africa. South Arica has struggled to become the flag bearer in Africa when it comes to academic matters and has invested heavily in its universities in an attempt to improve the quality of education they offer and meet world class standards. According to Education UK, while choosing the course to take, one should check whether the course is right for them? What type of degree it is, whether it improves chances of following ones career plans, options available to the course, methods of teaching the course, and performance of the department in the Quality Assurance Assessment external review. After considering the advice from my mentor and my personal goals and objectives, I settled on a course that would best suit my needs. I was to take a master of Business Administration. I had always wanted to move onto a management position in employment. There are so many factors to consider when choosing which institution to join. According to the Fulbright Commission, there are over 1,700 American universities that offer postgraduate courses or degrees. It is thus not easy to narrow down to the particular institution to join. Students aspiring to join South African universities face the same challenge, they thus have to put all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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