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Social Context Account - Essay Example

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Social Context Account The environment where an individual lives determines who they become in future. While this is a widely accepted fact, environment is not the only factor that determines one’s character, beliefs and perceptions. Other factors include race, gender and genetic predisposition…
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Social Context Account
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Download file to see previous pages For one to look back at the past and analyse its effect in life today, the present has to be favourable according to the individual in question. This means that if the past influenced one’s life so badly that the present is damaged, only counselling or other forms of therapy can remedy the situation and enable one to look back at the events of their past.1 Depending on an individual, the social environment one grows in can make or break one’s character. For instance, some people are discouraged by discriminative backgrounds till they psychologically believe they are not worth better treatment. On the other hand, others consider maltreatment as a challenge which if overcome, one emerges not only a stronger, but also a better person. Due to the unpredictable nature of a child’s reaction to the social environment, there are many organizations committed to ensuring that children are protected from harsh social conditions. In addition, many governments have signed treaties and passed laws to protect young citizens.2 _____________________________ 1 A James, and A Prout (eds), Constructing and Reconstructing childhood: contemporary issues in the sociological Study of Childhood, Falmer Press, London, 1997. 2 R Appignanesi, and O Zarate, Freud for Beginners, Icon Books, Cambridge, 1992. Background information My parents were born and brought up in Bangladesh after which they moved to London, UK. I was born on April 4, 1989 in London where I have lived ever since. The UK and Bangladesh are countries with many contrasting characteristics that are mainly due to their geographical locations, economic, political, and religious practises found in the two countries. Bangladesh is found in southern Asia while UK is situated in northern Europe. Bangladesh is mainly an Islamic country while the most dominant religion in the UK is Christianity. In society, religion plays an important role in how the society operates since it provides a basis for moral and ethical standards. In the UK, the church and government are separate entities and that is why the society in London is considered secular and has markedly different characteristics compared to that of Bangladesh where religion determines the kind of lifestyle people live. Comparison between UK and Bangladesh Christianity, mostly Anglican, is the dominant religion in the UK while Bangladesh is mostly Islamic. The cultures of the two countries are composite, having components derived from all over the world. Both countries are members of the UN and have signed the United Nations convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC) which seeks to ensure that minors enjoy basic rights and are protected from unfair treatment. However, the countries differ in the way they enforce these laws since in Bangladesh, children are still recruited into the armed forces among other forms of mistreatment. This means that a child growing up in Bangladesh is likely to be affected by these vices directly or indirectly. On the other hand, the UK is strict in assuring her citizens of their rights and, therefore, children enjoy more rights and freedoms compared to their Bangladeshi counterparts. 99 percent of the population in the UK is literate as compared to a mere 43.1 percent in Bangladesh. Education has a huge impact on how people relate to each other and their interpretations of everyday phenomena. On the other hand, the educated population in UK is more corrupt at 7.7 perception index compared ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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