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The Video of the USC - Essay Example

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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Video Analysis 1. Description of the Video The video of the USC, being part of the curriculum, is relatively important in order to understand the context of racism, gender, class and other forms of discrimination that beset the society; to reveal the ways the educational system is affected by them; as well as to advance the possible methods of solutions for the problems that may arise…
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The Video of the USC
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Download file to see previous pages As seen in the video, the students are very responsive and assertive in contributing their knowledge and experiences to the aforementioned issues that have been the matter of a heated debate for several years. The teacher acts as a facilitator throughout the discussion. She also engages in the discussion to reiterate the need to understand these contexts. Her teaching style is relatively effective, as can be inferred from the video, since she welcomes all the points and contentions of the students. Ultimately, the issues of racism, gender and class stratification in society that affect the children are being dealt with in the video in a proper way; the teaching style can be deemed fit to address the issue and to provide an avenue for intellectual fermentation. 2. Analysis and Interpretation of the Video In its totality, the video evokes an inherent complexity about the issues of race, gender and class division in society. These issues affect the quality of education received by the students. There is a structural problem in terms of implementing educational policies, since there is classification between the students and the selection of a manner of teaching can be problematic (McDermott et al 2008, p. 3). As there in attempt to make the kids realize the importance of engaging with these issues, there is a need to look at the relations of the social structures that affect the kids (McDermott et al 2008, p. 5). Is it important, and to what extent? For Rodgers, there is a need to analyze this matter, since it affects the intellectual condition and perception of the kids inside the classroom (2002, p. 231). The teacher-student relationship is considered to be very vital. This vitality is important; there is an intrinsic irony about American democracy where the person aspires to be accepted by others, yet there is dominance of racist practices despite of the attempts to eliminate them (McDermott et al 2008, p. 4). In relation to the video, the aforementioned ideas have been highlighted. The teacher tries to provide a very conducive learning environment that makes the children aware of racism, sexism and economic classification through a synthetic understanding of history and the political-economic structures that linger in society. As pointed out by McDermott et al, this manner implemented by the teacher to address the complexity of the matter shows that there is a need for reformulation of teaching methods. They must take into consideration the capacity of every student regardless of gender, race, and class (2008, p 13). This is considered a good step towards integration and understanding which will eventually abolish the racist and sexist practices that pose a detriment to the students’ learning capacity. Another positive aspect of the video is the very interactive approach that the teacher implements in making the subject matter interesting to the students. This shows a very reflective learning condition, wherein the understanding of the students regarding the subject is based upon the input of the teacher and allows them to formulate their own approach which highlights independent thinking and critical reasoning (Rodgers 2002, p. 233). The verbal exchange between the stude ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Video of the USC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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