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Stricter Guidelines for Concussion Testing in High School Athletics - Research Paper Example

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Stricter guidelines for concussion testing in high school athletics According to Doctor Lee there is a contagion in our center that majority of us are uninformed of. Countless numbers of youthful individuals are suffering concussions at a frightening speed…
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Stricter Guidelines for Concussion Testing in High School Athletics
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Download file to see previous pages Concussion results from a blow to the skull and instigates a disorder of working of the nerve cells in the brain. This means that division of the functions of the brain are for the time being 'on hold'. The indications comprise impermanent oblivion, headache and, most of the times, a memory loss about the dangerous incident. Nausea and vomiting are also general symptoms. As stated by Michael p. MacClenny “ American athletes suffer 300 000 concussive injuries on a yearly basis and 19% of participants in contact sports such as football and rugby are likely to suffer a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) during a season”. The rate of recurrence of this injury, with a lack in understanding of scientific healing methods and physiology, has been the reason to augmented consideration from the world of sports medicine. The generally hotly discussed concern in sports concussion circles around efforts to set up a scientifically based guide for going back-to-play restrictions, given that a subsequent effect prior to previous one from a first concussion can have harmful effects. According to Hovda DA “This idea is based on recent animal models which suggest that symptoms of sports concussion are likely related to acute metabolic dysfunction” Post -traumatic hectic glycolysis and simultaneous reduced flow of cerebral blood have been concerned for the reason of this dysfunction. It is assumed that metabolic disorder, unless fully treated, may intensify the neurological susceptibility of the athlete if a following shock (even slight one) is continued. The second controversial influence disorder and less stern, although potentially debilitating post-concussion patterns are two dangers concerned with returning a sportsperson to engage in a physical activity before absolute recovery. According to Collins MW “Although long-term deficits in the form of post-concussion syndrome have been observed from a single concussive event , it is typically assumed that proper management of injury should lead to a good prognosis and minimal, if any, long-term neurological deficits.” As a result, the exact supervision of concussion is necessary in protecting athletes from an enduring cognitive injury or else death. The great amount of concussive wounds are experienced at the high school and sophomoric levels of involvement, nonetheless many trainers, athletic coaches and team doctors may possibly be ignorant of the harsh penalties and consequences that can take place in returning an athlete to participate ahead of time. As stated by Taylor and Francis “Recent studies claim that the average concussion ameliorates within 1 week of onset and many concussion grading scales also clear mildly and moderately injured athletes for participation within 1 week.” It is the hypothesis of the author that an even slight concussion frequently needs more than seven days to entirely treat. Concussions have forever been a component of physical sports; however with players turning into stronger and bigger, some steps have to be done to increase consciousness of the seriousness of concussions and what may occur afterward down the road if sportsperson are not allocated the sufficient quantity of time to get well. According to Lindsey Newman “ The National Football League has already put regulations on how long a player has to stay out after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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