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Executed Activity Plan with detailed Evaluation - Essay Example

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Executed Activity Plan with detailed Evaluation [Name] [Course Code] [Instructor] [Date] Executed Activity Plan with detailed Evaluation In developing the detailed activity plan for the child Tina, the child was observed participating together with the other children in a foot painting activity…
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Executed Activity Plan with detailed Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The behavior of Tina as to tend to avoid or ignore rules as well as the ability to participate more freely in the activity was the main guiding factor, when this was mapped on the EYFS, to develop a short term plan for her activity since her case was one of little details of ignoring rules. Tina’s age, developmental needs as well as other interests were also factored in. The plan developed for Tina, as earlier defined, was a short term. Short term plan is one that is frequently drawn and changed on a regular basis and is aimed and identify development in a specific concept or perspective (Department for Children, School and Families 2008). The short term plan can be done on a daily or weekly basis and will strive to assess the rate of integration of newly learnt concepts by a child. In designing and developing an ideal childhood development plan, that is effective, it was important that it follows a specific guideline which would ensure all the objectives therein, were achieved. The system or plan so developed was able to continuously monitor the improvements, stagnation or decline in the development of the child. A better plan is that which provides checks or screening modalities which will be able to identify any abnormalities as soon as they occur (Education, E. C, 2010). Therefore, the system should be comprehensive enough, and be able to use information or observations noted, in making instructional decisions directed towards improving the child’s development curve. Consequently, the plan used in activated child development should be one that is consistent across settings, though, may be adapted to contain specific needs and demands of a given child. The progress of the child should not be specific but should include all the parameters of development as well. During observation of the children taking part in the foot painting activity, various critical points developed to incorporate in the plan. In the course of the play, Tina had shown an interest in working with the paints and manipulating colors which was actually a child’s own initiative. It was therefore important to keep the interest of the child while guiding the child to follow instructions and rules of the activities (Moyles 1998). The rules and instructions are the duty of adults in the development of the child since they give and ensure the rules are followed. The reason the instructions were not followed was probably because there was no keen listening or the message of the instructions were not decoded correctly. The role of the adults in the playing activity was to set the physical environment and prevent injuries from occurring. They also had to ensure the playing rules were followed. Children try to discover their abilities as they strive to be better than each other. In this activity, adult’s role was to explain the rules and instructions to be followed to the children. The tables were set with everything the children required and in the right sequence, so that they would obtain them without much difficult. The children were guided by answering their questions (McLachlan & Fleer, 2010). Parts of the rules were also explained to the children who did not understand while allowing them to work on their own. Demonstrations were conducted to show the children, especially in the case of Tina, to help in achieving certain details in their modeling which they did not know. Instructions were given at each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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