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Special Education - Case Study Example

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Case Study (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Current Performance To understand the activities this case study is about to undertake, one needs to have a clear understanding of the student under evaluation, as well as the methods and procedures for assisting this student in dealing with his/her problem…
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Special Education Case Study
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Extract of sample "Special Education"

Download file to see previous pages Her teachers have decided to put her under self-containment because she is a slow learner and, for that reason, cannot study in the same classroom as her fellow classmates. As her teachers explain, she has a developmental reading disorder that affects the normal learning process for her. This disorder affected the student so much that she has developed some behavioral problems in addition to her inability to progress in her education (Bradford, 2009). Her performance has been stagnant from her first exposure to learning, illustrating that she is not meeting her educational goals as expected. Past Experiences Based on the information provided by her teachers and educators, we are made to understand that her problem was first recognized in her first form, and she could not engage in simple learning activities like her fellow students. She has problems with reading, and has trouble recognizing written words. She also has trouble engaging in simple rhyming activities that are part of the learning process for children her age, and cannot make meaning and ideas of simple sentences. This has, in turn, affected her overall learning experience and outcome, especially in language and linguistics. IEP Appropriateness Having established that student X is a special needs student, there is need to develop an individualized education program (IEP) to assist this student in achieving her educational goals. Because student X suffers from dyslexia, the IEP will facilitate the attainment of the student’s educational goals much faster than she otherwise could. Goals and Objectives The goals and objectives of this IEP case include: To ensure that student X meets her educational goals by the end of the year. This will be evaluated through the performance of other students in her class. To dissuade the behavioral problems that student X experiences and to improve the social skills of student X. To ensure an improvement of perpetual skills in student X, allowing the student to read and understand what she is taught in class. To train student X’s educators on different instructional methods that they can use to help student X attain her educational goals and objectives. To restructure the regular class curriculum so that it accommodates student X, allowing the student to mix with the others, hence building on her social skills. Educational Standards The goals and objectives of this IEP are also aimed at improving the educational standards of the school where student X studies (Bradford, 2009). The relation between the goals and the standards is both theoretical and practical. Theoretically, the goals and objectives will assist both the student and her educator in reaching their individual standards for education. Environmental Demands To successfully implement this IEP case, there are various environmental demands that need to be met, in relation to the classroom setting and the activities to be carried out during this process. Classroom Arrangement The classroom arrangement in any IEP case is very crucial for the success of the program. It is through a proper classroom arrangement, that the instructor can effectively and efficiently teach student X to ensure educational success. Student X needs to be placed in a classroom that is not too congested and not too spacious to distract the student during learning. Additionally, the arrangement will be in such a way that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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