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Study Strategies for Specific Course - Essay Example

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Octayvia Sykes Ms. Miller English Literature (Classic and Modern)   10/26/2011 Study Strategies for Specific Course In studying the study strategies for a specific course it is important to have an understanding of the three basic the three basic learning styles that is: auditory learners who are grasp information by hearing, visual learners who grasp most information by sight and kinesics leaners who grasp more information by touch…
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Study Strategies for Specific Course
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Download file to see previous pages Critical Thinking Strategy The first study strategy to be applied in any specific course by a college student would be critical thinking strategy. Looking at the three basic learning styles, auditory learners would have easier time critiquing, synthesizing and analyzing information that they have heard, visual learners would easily critique, synthesis and analyses data they have seen while finally Kinestic learners would easily analyze, synthesis and critique information that was touched. Therefore this means that Critical thinking directly affects the domains of the English language whereby listeners, speakers, readers and writers all acquire and develop this skill in different ways. Reading Strategy Another study strategy would be reading. This study strategy requires the provision of a conducive surrounding and environment. The conditions for this environment should be silence and away from distractions should be provided. Considering the three basic learning styles, the auditory learners and kinestic learners would have a harder time trying to implement this strategy as compared to the visual learners. This is due to the fact that visual learners grasp more information through sight and in reading of books and other sources the source of sight is the most important aspect. Looking at the four domains of English language, it is clear that listeners, speakers and writers should sharpen their reading skills by applying this strategy in order to grasp more information through reading. SQ3R Method Strategy Another important study strategy would be application of the SQ3R method. This method involved Surveying, Questioning, Reading, Reciting then Reviewing once work. This method requires one to be disciplined to ensure they follow this procedure to the letter and do it on a daily basis. By application of this method, auditory learners, visual learners and kinestic learners all have an equal opportunity to benefit from applying this method of learning. This is due to the fact that this strategy touches on all the aspects of learning. Considering the four domains of the English language it would be true to say that by application of this strategy, learners, readers, writers and speakers are all able to gain another skill and sharpen their other skills as this strategy touches on all the four domains. The rhetorical triangle usually refers to presentation of wrk considering three main factors. This is the information the audience and the message. In college the audience is usually the professor or instructor of the course and therefore a student should ensure that the information conveyed to him is in the correct context. In taking up this study strategy and following the steps that entail this study a student is assured to convey the correct information to the instructor Conclusion In conclusion, when applying the critical thinking strategy as a study strategy it would involve the sharpening the skills of critiquing, synthesizing and analyzing information. Critical thinking skills are not skills that one is born with one has to gradually develop them. This therefore means that neither auditory learners, visual learners nor kinestic learners have an advantage in implementation of this learning strategy. Therefore development of critical thinking skills requires patience and dedication Conclusively, when application of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Study Strategies for Specific Course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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