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Administration Decisions - Essay Example

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Mutual Assistance In administering a school,the administrator must be able to address the needs of the students,the parents and the community.And to address them,the administrator must be aware of their needs…
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Administration Decisions
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Extract of sample "Administration Decisions"

Download file to see previous pages A school can function to the fullest if the families and the community it is established are involved. One type of school, a community school is unique in that it includes in its program an integrated model that considers stakeholders in the community such as partners, administrators, teachers, parents and students (Jacobson, Hodges, and Martin 18). A community school does not only uphold the academics and youth development, but also support for the family, grant of social services and development of the community as a whole (18). In working with partners, a school community recognizes the different needs of students both in academic and non-academic spheres (20). Thus, the school site team works toward the alignment of activities with the vision of the school. The partners in turn work in congruence with the total improvement plan of the school (20). The role of the principal in the school and the community cannot be overemphasized. The principal must be aware that the community school belongs to the community and should interact with the latter for total success (20). In connection with this, the principal should welcome the resources offered by the stakeholders and partners of the school (20). ...
The School of Cooperative Technical Education (under the NYC Department of Education), on the other hand, provides career training for skills development to grades 11 and 12 students. The CAS Bronx Family Center also provides holistic physical, dental and mental health diagnosis to both students and parents of Fannie Lou. The health educators of CAS advise students on health and preventing pregnancy. The social workers based in the school provide mental health advises and intervention services during crisis. The school gives emergency relief to the family of a student who is evicted from home. The Oyler Elementary School (in Cincinnati, Ohio) was converted into a community school that includes high school offering. This was made possible through the partnering of families and members of the community with the Cincinnati Public Schools (20). The transformation of the school into a community school that allowed it to offer a K-12 program enabled students to enroll in high school for the first time. Previously, no student in the neighborhood was able to avail of high school education. The Cincinnati Health Department has a clinic inside the school so that students can avail of health, dental and vision care services (21). Mentoring and tutorial services are given by more than 400 volunteers who visit the school weekly to students on an individual basis. The school also partnered with the Cincinnati Early Learning Centers and other partners to provide support to infants, children and their parents. In Glencliff High School, transforming it into a community school set up has allowed it sponsor numerous programs together with its partners, such as the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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