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Future Counseling Practice - Assignment Example

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The paper "Future Counseling Practice" states that the counselor puts forward the concept of standing out in a cultural aspect, where most of the parents try and pressurize the child to fit in and blend in with the rest of the children, at times the child rejects the idea of being suppressed. …
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Future Counseling Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Initially when parents get the information of their child being deaf, seems hard to digest. The initial reactions are; how they would be able to cope up with their child and his needs? How will they be able to communicate with their own offspring? Will it be hard to find the best academic institution for him? Is it a better idea that he works his way out along with normal kids? These are some questions and problems that almost every family with a deaf kid, goes through. With the gradual acceptance of their child’s impairment, they step in towards finding the best possible learning method for him. Either they should opt for learning sign language as a whole or should they wait and understand the situation after their child becomes a part of the academic community. There’s still a difference between deaf and hard at hearing children. According to some studies around 90% of the children who have trouble hearing or are deaf, have perfectly hearing parents. (“For Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing”). Where some families opt for learning sign languages, the proportion of such families, however, is quite less. Some families still prefer using sign language, and children have a hard time distinguishing words with common sounds, for instance; “plate” and “mate”. Children with listening disorders won’t easily distinguish these words while lip reading, which marks the point of creating awareness amongst parents to learn sign language in order to make communication better among them. As Counselors, our job and task are to successfully inform the parents about how they can implement different modes of communication in order to communicate well with their children.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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School Counseling Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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