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School Counselor-IEP etc - Essay Example

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Answer 1 The most important elements of IEP are identification; eligibility; and development of IEP. These are critical factors that help to develop understanding of the needs of the children and evolve new methodologies and innovative inputs to facilitate inclusion of children in the education system…
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School Counselor-IEP etc
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"School Counselor-IEP etc"

Download file to see previous pages It goes beyond the superficiality of the problem to investigate the details so that problems can be identified holistically so as to develop effective interventions. The role of special education teacher is to implement the strategies within his/ her teaching approaches. But my role primarily would be limited to being a consultant or rather a ‘teacher advocate’ who would like to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and identify factors which could be hindering the progress. I would facilitate support to different stakeholders and act as conduit for regular and effective communication. It is important to understand and address the obstacles that adversely impact participation of persons with disability in the mainstream education. It would be more of an observer. As an advocate for inclusive education, I believe that I can use my skills and academic expertise to improve the efficacy of program/ strategies by identifying the shortcomings and communicating the same so that issues can be resolved with the help of parents, teachers, administrators and all those who can contribute positively to the wide goals of IEP. Response a This is hugely relevant for children with special need because the child could be having varying degree or sometime multi-lateral disabilities that need to be assessed. The thorough assessment helps to evolve effective strategies for inclusion of the child in the mainstream education system. Response b Success of IEP or for that matter, any social program is dependent of collaborative approach where community, government (in this case, school) and students together evolve solutions for defined problems. Answer 2 Cultural/ multicultural issues and considerations in special educations are vital part of the success of the program. Globalization has brought about tremendous changes to the social fabric which has increasing become multicultural, comprising of people coming from different race, color, nationality and culture. The challenges of complex nature of emerging new society must be met through promotion of cross cultural understanding. In special education, it becomes highly pertinent aspect of effective implementation as they need to incorporate the perspectives of diverse society and remove barriers of language and cross cultural paradigms that can be interpreted differently if cross cultural understanding is not developed. Huntington (1993) believed that major element of conflicts would be cultural based. The contemporary times has vindicated his claim. In some culture, looking directly at person is not respectable which can be construed as not paying attention by the western society. Hence, cross cultural understanding become crucial for all the persons who are working in the area of special education needs. Awareness of biases within the communities prepares the coordinators and all concerned to have flexible approach. IEP strives to address these issues and ensures progress through feedback system. Response c Indeed, the increasing diversity in the society necessitates cross cultural understanding and flexibility in approach. This would enable the counselors and teachers to understand the child and decipher his/ her problems with more accuracy. Response d These are interesting interludes that confirm the conflicts that are caused due to lack of knowledge about other cultures. In the contemporary times, diversity has become intrinsic part of society and therefore, one must strive to inculcate cross ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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