Analysis on the Effects of Functional Mobility Skills Training for Young Students with Physical Disabilites - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Research Reaction Paper Effects of Functional Mobility Skills training for Young students with Physical Disabilities: A Research Reaction Paper Your Name goes here Professional Specialization Name of your professor Date 1. Research Problem Following are the two basic questions which this research is required to answer; a) Do functional mobility skills in students with physical disabilities improve as a result of direct training using the Mobility Opportunities via Education (MOVE) Curriculum?…
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Research Analysis on the Effects of Functional Mobility Skills Training for Young Students with Physical Disabilites
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Extract of sample "Analysis on the Effects of Functional Mobility Skills Training for Young Students with Physical Disabilites"

Download file to see previous pages 2. Literature Review In order to introduce the research problem to the readers several references were cited by the investigator. Three key points which researcher has discussed in literature review are enlisted below; a) The researcher has presented the strengths and weakness of Traditional Developmental Modal through literature review. Most of the researchers have reached the consensus that the traditional approaches are limited for learning motor and functional skills. (Crt Marincek, 2001, p.251). b) Secondly, the supremacy of functional modal over the developmental modal is discussed at length. Functional modal use of therapy integrated with education is more natural and beneficent. (Piercy, 1986, p.6). c) Another important point of discussion is the validity and acceptability of MOVE model. “MOVE is designed to embed mobility skill practice into functional every day routines.” (Miller, 2005, p.831). 3. Research Format Following facts about the research were identified, a) Description of the Research Format(s) The “Effects of Functional Mobility Skills training for Young students with Physical Disabilities” is a qualitative as well as a quantitative research. The research deals with the statistical details and comparisons as well as talks about the conceptual and qualitative issues with of MOVE curriculum. Moreover, hypothesis of the research cannot be precisely described rather is will result in some general conclusion which will require further studies and observations to strengthen the hypothesis. The research design is quasi-experimental in nature because its offer less randomization of participants being only five. Quasi-experimental designs are particularly useful in natural and a classroom setting which is the case in this research. Moreover, the research is more practical and less academic which is also an attribute of quasi-experimental research designs. The “Effects of Functional Mobility Skills training for Young students with Physical Disabilities” is a single group research design. These designs are used were immediate and more practical resulted required to be established in order to ascertain the effects of a treatment conducted in the research. b) Description of the Method(s) of Data Collection Direct observation and standardized measure are used as the most prominent data collection methodologies. Direct observation method requires a clear definition of target behaviors and observer may be a teacher, parent or some other external observer. Standardized data may be collected using a specific instrument like Gait Trainer or through some other means like interviews and/or questionnaires etc. to record results and reaction in an experiment. All participants in the experiment are subjected to the same tests which increase the validity of the data collection. c) Description of the Method(s) of Data Analysis The data is mainly collected through direct observation and standardized measures. However, it is not an extensively diverse dataset and the analysis and comparisons are conducted through simple graphical representation of data in line graphs. These graphs are elaborated through variation of means and percentages and other statistical tools. Moreover, the overlap across phases, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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