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Prepare a Summary of Any 2 Chapters from the Caffarella Text - Book Report/Review Example

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Chapter 1: Planning Programs for Adults: What’s It All About?- Summary Name University Chapter# 1: Planning Programs for Adults: What’s It All About?- Summary: (Caffarella, 2001) in this chapter beautifully starts explaining what the process of planning programs for adults is all about by giving the example of ocean waters which if sometimes are rough and violent, then at other times may be serene and calm…
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Prepare a Summary of Any 2 Chapters from the Caffarella Text Book
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Download file to see previous pages Program planning for adults is not a set course that is to be followed by the program planners, rather sometimes the planners may readily get what they desire like financial support and resources while not getting a single favor at other times thus ruining their any hope of survival in the dark and angry ocean. The aim of this chapter is to explain the intricate details regarding program planning to the people who wish to plan programs for adults. Educational programs for adults may range from simple workshops based on a few hours or a full day to highly intensive residential study which is typically planned for the corporate sector. The nature of programs for adults may also vary from those based on simple open discussion format to very high-level programs in full bloom which are typically conducted considering set parameters. Those parameters typically include educational workshops, seminars, and peer coaching. Not every employee is essentially required to respect every single parameter of the highly intensive programs for adults, though every novice employee is required to attend every session so that high organizational performance could be ensured. An important feature of program planning for adults is that such programs may either be individualized to a person’s specific needs or they are designed for a large number of people so that group learning could be practiced. Adults participating in such educational programs which are planned in accordance with their needs may interact with the highly professional associations, which host such programs, by coming to a specific location or by electronic means while sitting at homes like web-based formats. Now, the actual people who strive to design programs for adults may come from different cultural or economic backgrounds and may have varying academic qualifications and capabilities. It is not necessary that program planning is entirely the domain of highly professional and learned planners who have past experiences of program planning. Rather, planning education activities for adults may even be practiced by those planners who do not have any riveting formal training for planning programs for adults. Myriad planners may have master’s degrees yet no experience in planning programs for the senior staff at the workplace. Still, they may be required to attend to the complicated needs of their adult staff members so that new instructional strategies could be explained to them in the workshop sessions. Program planning is undeniably a complicated process which can never be handled appropriately unless the program planners and coordinators pay special attention to any change occurring in the state and federal mandates which may be done by planning in-house and district-wide staff development programs. It is a fact that many planners learn the art of designing programs for adults by just doing it even if they do not have any significant expertise in this area before they start planning programs. Instead of hesitating because of having no expertise in program planning, focusing on factors like technology and changing demands of the adults attending the programs should be considered more important by the planners. It remains a tragedy however that the efforts of many supervisors, who coordinate formal educational progr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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