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An author of this essay will focus on the reasoning behind the high percentage of the dropouts in schools. Moreover, the writer gives some recommendations for the children. He suggests that the children should be made to realize the gravity of the situation…
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High School Dropout
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"High School Dropout"

High school dropouts face a complicated life; life is tough for all, but it becomes even more challenging for the students who decide not to go to school. The employment opportunities cut back greatly, earning money and living a good life becomes quite difficult. In addition to this starting, a family life also becomes very tough because of the financial troubles. It is very important to reduce the rate of high school dropouts; it has become an epidemic, which has been spreading at an alarming rate. However, it can be completely sorted out should the parents, teachers and the school management work in unison to solve this ever-growing problem. Every child is different, and it is essential to know the differences to be able to solve this problem.

Children, who find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings stop going to school, this is where the role of teachers come into play, they should sit with the children and try to understand their problems. Some children may be shy and will not even disclose their issues, the teachers and the parents should sit together and sort their problems out.
The children should be made to realize the gravity of the situation; they should be told that their future would be ruined should they drop out of high school. No employer would recruit them without a degree, and the only way of getting a genuine degree is by attending high school. They should also be told about the importance of money and how critical it has become these days to earn well and live a good life. All these essential things must be told to them, and it should be told in a way they can understand, only then can the high school dropout rate be brought down.
“KIDS are dropping out of school as early as year 7 without any follow-up", a Springvale police officer says. Youth resource officer Leading Sen-Constable Leanne Cooper said many parents were happy to have their children at home, citing at least one 16-year-old girl, who had not attended school since she was in year 7.” (Alarming School Drop-out rates)
There are different problems because of which children drop out. Some drop out because they get bullied every day at school, some because they join gangs and start stealing and making easy money while some others stop going to school because of lack of interest.
Almost all these problems can be solved and the rate of high school dropouts can be brought down significantly.
Children bully each other because the school authorities let them do so, they do not intentionally promote this practice, but they do not discourage it also which becomes a huge problem to deal with.
The school authorities should take necessary actions to prevent children from getting bullied day in day out. Punitive policies should be in place to ensure that no child gets bullied, even draconian laws can be introduced to stop this from happening. It has become a daily occurrence which has already affected several children.
The other problems can also be sorted out; lack of interest is another serious issue. The curriculum should be designed in such a way that it enthralls the students so that no one drops out. This is really a challenging task, but it is indeed plausible, the best brains should come together and design an attractive curriculum, this is sure to bring down the rate of high school dropouts.
To conclude it is very fair to say that this silent epidemic can only be dealt with should the parents, teachers and the school authorities work in unison. Issues like bullying can only be solved should strict policies be introduced by the management. It is high time to make significant changes, several children have already gone astray.

Alarming School Drop-out rates (2011). Rising Drop-out Rates. Retrieved from Read More
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Refreshing point of view. The author presents specific root causes of high school dropouts and possible solutions of the issue.
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