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Addressing High School Dropout Rates - Assignment Example

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This assignment discusses successfully addressing high school dropout rates: a review of dropout prevention strategies and programs. The assignment ascertains the most common reasons why high school students drop out is a task that needs qualitative research…
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Addressing High School Dropout Rates
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Download file to see previous pages The fact that dropout prevention is being considered seriously is a good thing; however, the question arises as to which of these dropout prevention strategies and programs are really successful. Furthermore, schools should become more educated in dropout prevention in order for them to more effectively choose and apply the program and strategy that are appropriate in their situation. Hence, a review of the current and most popular dropout prevention strategies and programs is needed in order to ascertain what these different programs do, how they work, the concept behind them, and how successful have they been in their agenda of reducing high school dropout rates.
The research design that will be used to complete this review is the quantitative research methodology as the research problem in itself is quantitative in nature. Statistics will play an important role in this study as the review will include relevant studies that have been made that shows the success rates of various dropout prevention strategies and programs. Only these statistical references will be used as this research will act as a review and compilation of available journal articles. These statistical data will be presented accordingly and analyzed using a point system of tallying.
Data Collection. This research will be based solely on secondhand research. Statistical data composed of percentages of success rates will be compiled in order to ascertain which dropout prevention strategy and the program works best at a given situation—high school students and dropouts differ in characteristics and so, various dropout prevention programs will have varying effects on the student population. This research will be based on these reliable references as undertaking an experiment that will have the desired effect will involve a lot of time and money.
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