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Function of 6 Standardized Assessment Tools Utilized with LBD Students - Research Paper Example

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Research Project Function of 6 standardized assessment tools utilized with LBD (learning by design) students Introduction Assessment is an important part of education. Without it, the need for education is almost defeated. This is because assessment paves way for the standardization and effectiveness of any educational program to be assessed…
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Function of 6 Standardized Assessment Tools Utilized with LBD Students
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"Function of 6 Standardized Assessment Tools Utilized with LBD Students"

Download file to see previous pages This is because good educationists have often been identified with the selection and usage of assessment tools that can be classified as valid. By valid assessment tool, reference is being made to an assessment tool that achieves the purpose for which it was set out. An assessment tool that is not able to achieve the purpose for which it was set out is ineffective and as unhelpful as there was no assessment tool in place. This essay therefore seeks to examine a number of assessment tools used with LBD students to find how effective they are in the delivery of the functions for which they were set out. The assessment tools shall also be scrutinized in accordance to their diagnostic benefits to student programming and planning utilizing technology. What is Assessment? As mentioned earlier, assessment is an integral part of education. Assessment concerns the practice of finding the effectiveness of an educational system. Assessment however concerns a series of activities and events. CyberSleuth-Kids (2011) therefore explain that assessment is “the process of documenting, often times in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs.” This means that documentation is an important practice in assessment. Observations in measurable phenomenon such as knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs are all documented. ...
The Northwestern Science Health University (2010) also posits that “Assessment is an ongoing process of setting high expectations for student learning, measuring progress toward established learning outcomes, and providing a basis for reflection, discussion and feedback to improve University academic programs.” This seems to be a broader definition that integrates not just what assessment but the reasons for undertaking it and the importance that comes with conducting assessment. The relation this definition has with the earlier definition is that there should be a set of objectives in place that will be assessed. 6 Assessment Tools used for LBD Students To undertake a successful assessment exercise, it is important to have a collection mechanism in place. This mechanism with which assessment is conducted is referred to in the educational cycle as assessment tool. Broadly speaking, assessment tools can be classified as either teacher based or student based. Teacher based assessment tools focus on the teacher as the sole assessor. With teacher based assessment tool, the tools are kept and manipulated by the teacher in determining how best or worse the student is performing. Student based assessment tools on the other hand focus on students. Most of these assessment tools are kept by the student. They are used by the student to determine his or her performance. Teachers however have a lot of role to play with student based assessment. This is because the teacher acts as a facilitator, who directs the student on how to go about the implementation of the assessment tool. The teacher also ensures that the student uses the assessment tool correctly. Both teacher based and student based assessment tools are appropriate for LBD students. This is because with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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