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This essay "The session of learning the digital content" looks at new things included creating digital content such as blogs, web accounts and learning their usage for productive works. It also comes across different learning styles through visuals and their application in the classroom settings…
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The session of learning the digital content
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The session of learning the digital content
Creating blogs and free web accounts was not as easy for me until I took up this course. The entire session of learning the digital content had been fun for all of us and especially for me. The class, since the beginning of my semester, had proven to be awesome for me throughout. There were many new things that I came across and learnt during the regular sessions of studies. These new things included creating digital content such as blogs, web accounts and learning their usage for productive works. Then, we came across different learning styles through visuals, and their application in the classroom settings. The works included the appliance of Wordle and Tangxedo, and other fun digital content such as Mosaickr.comcreating \Wallwisher\ cartoon you/Prezi and Voki.
The best part of this class was that I got to learn the usage of Google docs with the coworkers and students. Part of the studies also contained the lessons regarding proper usage of software like Skype and PBLs/Podcasting. I was provided with the strong basic and essential knowledge about the strengths and weakness of this software. We learnt their everyday application, in both personal and professional contexts. This learning, particularly, proved to be very beneficial for us as we had to use such parts of information system for our routine communications as well.
Then, the studying and understanding regarding the usage of content specific software and screen capturing through Voki opened our minds to the entire new world of IT advantages and benefits. With each passing session, I kept on learning more and more about the computer sciences which have been introduced for the ease and benefits of the mankind.
Learning Wikis was also a major part of our course during the semester. We learnt the application and benefits of all the elements of Wikis and had also developed an extensive lesson plan on it. Using Wiki spaces opened another broader era of knowledge for our minds through the course of computer sciences. We prepared lesson plans by including the application, which was extremely content specific and collaborative in every aspect. This lesson plan was made at the end of many sessions and classes and it served the purpose of depicting our understanding of the content that we were taught in the class.
In order to judge our knowledge and assess our understanding of the lesson being taught in the classes, we were required to prepare the reflective papers too. In these papers, we exhibited the extent of our knowledge and understanding of the previous learning sessions. Besides this, the practical application of all the concepts o Google docs, Wikis, Skype, podcasting and other innovative software helped us analyze our learning capabilities further.
Overall, I got to learn a lot in the classes and in his course throughout. My experience of taking up this course was awesome and most of the information that I was facilitated with was absolutely new. Moreover, due to a very conducive learning and interactive environment, I felt absolutely comfortable with my colleagues and in the class. Thus, this knowledge sharing session has taught me a lot and I am sure that I shall be able to apply this knowledge with much ease in my studies and everyday life in future. Read More
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