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The Development of Digital Training Program at Wal-mart Corporation - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses aspects of Wal-mart’s Digital Training Program which basically includes its unique business approach. The paper will be helpful in evaluating the progress and effectiveness of the entire project and the impacts of digital training project on the organization’s global image…
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The Development of Digital Training Program at Wal-mart Corporation
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Extract of sample "The Development of Digital Training Program at Wal-mart Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages Wal-mart has always given importance to the employee training and development programs as it has been an integral part of its employees’ career path (Working At Walmart: Training and Development, 2013). However, due to the advancing technology and increasing size of Wal-mart’s business the corporation now requires establishing a digital learning and training program in order to better improve its customer services and overall employee relationships. Following are the most significant objectives of the Communication Management Strategy for Wal-mart’s Digital Training Program (Corporate Communications Policy, 2012). To identify the group of internal and external stakeholders who would be requiring information regarding this project. To recognize and contact project sponsors. To define the communication strategy, methods and techniques while maintaining significant consistency in communicating with interested parties. To define the roles and responsibilities of the management committee. 
Formal business communication is based upon a comprehensive process which primarily emphasizes over message i.e. the actual content which has to be delivered. It can be either in verbal words or symbols (Means, 2009). For instance, in the case of Wal-mart’s Digital Training Program, the stakeholders would have to be informed about the training needs of employees, their skills, competencies, etc. At a later stage, the message might also be directed towards employees in order to gain their content regarding training strategies. Similarly, for developing the training program, the project head will have to communicate organizational requirements with the trainer while also assessing the overall effectiveness of the training program at the end of communication management strategy (Developing a Training Plan for your Employees, 2014). The message is directly associated with the sender or communicator who actually creates and delivers it to the receiver or audience (Means, 2009).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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