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Federal policy improvement and recommendation plan for State senator On Education system of America Introduction Policy can broadly be defined as guidelines towards making rational decisions about issues and areas of public welfare. Policy frameworks are intrinsic part of administration processes which impact public welfare programs…
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Policy Improvement Reccommendation Plan
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Federal policy improvement and recommendation plan for senator On Education system of America Introduction Policy can broadly be defined as guidelines towards making rational decisions about issues and areas of public welfare. Policy frameworks are intrinsic part of administration processes which impact public welfare programs. Hence all governments across the globe promote development of policies on all areas of public importance like health, education, defense, agriculture, housing etc. Federal policies become vital for implementing guidelines in areas which necessitate uniformity in the implementation across states of a country. Various government and non government agencies come together to evolve strategies and policies for legislative reforms so that they can be implemented effectively cross the regions. In the area of education in US, policy like ‘NCLB’ is critical as it tries to address the problems of under privileged segment of society. The various apprehensions about equity based implementation of the same need to be addressed so that these policies become effective across the states in America. The following recommendations are made so that rigorous discussions on the issues could accelerate the process of fair implementation. Recommendations The rapidly evolving multicultural society in America has brought forth wide ranging issues like language and cultural barriers which must be addressed urgently. The need to start bi-lingual teaching as per the demands of local population would facilitate better response, especially from immigrants from neighboring nations. No Child Left Behind Act or NCLB of 2001 has been an acknowledgement of the failure of the education system to address this issue (Sunderman, 2008). The government must redress the problem by encouraging community feedback so as to promote confidence building amongst the marginalized population that is deprived of basic amenities like education, health and housing. The changes must be incorporated within the educational policy to effectively address the issue. Educational leadership is hugely important for evolving new goals within the education system so that teaching and non teaching staff are motivated to use creative measures within the student fraternity and provide more encouraging learning environment. Private participation should be encouraged so that the wider welfare of student fraternity can get access to quality education at minimum cost. The contribution from corporate America can be used for introducing innovative inputs to attract and retain students who are increasing dropping out. More focus should be on children coming from deprived families so that they can be brought into the mainstream society. The extra focus would help promote a sense of self worth and help them to recognize their academic competencies. They can thus be motivated to achieve higher academic excellence. Key, (2001) strongly believes that persons with disabilities have been marginalized in important areas like education, employment etc. The two policies must ensure that interests of students with disability are not compromised through inadequate infrastructure or lack of adequate teaching staff. They should be included within the mainstream students so that they can develop confidence and exploit their unique competencies. Digital education revolution ensures that technology becomes intrinsic part of education. The students of 9-12 are provided with laptop so that ‘sustainable and meaningful change in teaching and learning’ can be used to enhance performance (DET, Policy and Procedure). It is an exemplary example of digital literacy in Australia. While NCLB is designed to make education accessible for all, digital education revolution ensures that changes within society are incorporated within the academia. It should therefore be introduced in K-12 on mandatory basis in America also. While the policy is easy to implement in private schools, the public schools, especially in neighborhood areas are deprived of the facility due to paucity of fund. The government, therefore, should ensure that through private participation, children, irrespective of region are provided with infrastructure to access technology and latest methodologies of teaching. Use of audio and video technology in classroom is vital because students can adopt the methods that best suits his or her learning capabilities. Thus, while the technology would significantly improve the learning aptitude of the slow learners, rest of the students would be able to improve and improvise their academic performance. Bertelsen and Fischer, (2002:.11,12) assert that ‘by searching for nonfiction texts, video, and Web-based resources they (teachers) can provide their students opportunities to construct meaning within a literacy-rich environment… begin to enhance students’ skills with expository text skills’. The technology therefore, can become a major element to facilitate equity in acquiring education by students cutting across physical and mental competencies. Conclusion One can therefore conclude that shortcomings in the current educational policies urgently need to be addressed. The suggestions and recommendations are designed to meet the challenges of the contemporary times. The leadership within academia is vital element that can provide important inputs to the changes that are needed to make it more effective. Hope these would be included in the discussions so that necessary reforms could be made within the policy. (words: 808) Reference Bertelsen, C.D., & Fischer, J.M. (December, 2002). Mediating expository text: Scaffolding and the use of multimedia curricula. Reading Online, 6(5). Retrieved July 18, 2011, from: Keys, Christopher, B and Dowricks, Peter, W. Ed.(2001). People with Disabilities: Empowerment and Community Action. Haworth Press Inc. Department of Education and Training NSW. (2008). Policies and Procedures. Retrieved July 18, 2011, from Sunderman, Gail, L. (2008). Holding NCLB Accountable: achieving accountability, equity & reform. Corwin Press. Read More
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