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Technology review - Essay Example

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In the present world, use of information and communication technology in education has become critically important. ICT in education supports the teaching process by means of computers, internet, and other latest technologies…
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Technology review
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Extract of sample "Technology review"

[Your full full July 17, Technology Review In the present world, use of information and communication technology in education has become critically important. ICT in education supports the teaching process by means of computers, internet, and other latest technologies. ICT deals with the use of information in electronic format. Singleton states, “ICT incorporates products that store, receive, manipulate, transmit or retrieve digital information under a single umbrella”. The main reason behind using ICT in education is to facilitate teachers in explaining complex instructions and improving retentive memory of students. Donnelly, McGarr, and O’Reilly state, “When attempting to integrate any Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based resource into Post-Primary Schools (High Schools) many potential barriers must be considered”. If a school’s administration overcomes all barriers associated with the integration of ICT like cost of equipment and unfamiliarity of students and teachers with such equipment, the students and teachers of that school can get a wide range of benefits. In this paper, we will explore the use of three educational technologies in the classrooms, which include smart boards, LCD projectors, and microphones in order to know their effectiveness in facilitating the teaching processes. Review and Integration of Technology in Classrooms Let us discuss each of them in some detail in order to know their effectiveness in the classrooms. 1. Smart Boards One of the best ways to improve teaching processes is to use smart boards in the classrooms. It not only enhances students’ learning but also helps teachers in delivering their lectures to the students in an appropriate manner. Dekunder states, “SMART Boards, which are made by SMART Technologies of Canada, are interactive whiteboards that are mounted to a wall, like a chalkboard, and connected to a computer and projector”. The projector in this structure projects the computer screen’s view on the smart board, which is a big white screen. With ordinary projector, one cannot make any changes on the screen whereas a smart board is a touch sensitive screen on which one can touch the text and can make changes wherever needed. Smart boards create a very interactive environment in the classrooms. With smart boards, teachers do not need to sit behind the computer to teach the students. Rather they can stand in front of the white screen while delivering the lectures. The cost of smart boards is high and if someone wants install wireless units, it becomes more expensive. Smart boards are very reliable and high quality mechanism to teach students. They are reliable in giving presentations and delivering lectures to the students. Hardly any fault occurs in smart boards regarding failure of technology. Smart boards are available in all super stores and technology outlets. Smart boards facilitate teachers in delivering lectures to the students. The inter write software helps teachers in the development of lectures. Smart boards also facilitate teachers in accessing applications, printing the notes, and displaying computer views. 2. LCD Projectors Dellaporta states, “LCD projectors are the technological descendants of overhead and slide projectors, older systems which serve the same purpose”. They can be used for presentations and home theatre applications. LCD projectors help teachers display images from computers and cameras in such a way that every student in the class is able to see those images. LCD projectors are not very costly so they can be installed in the classrooms with no problem of cost. LCD projectors are reliable, as they do not affect the eyes of the teachers standing close to the screen. Dellaporta states, “LCD projectors use separate panels for each color because it results in better color saturation than using a single panel for all three”. LCD projectors are easily available in all super stores and technology outlets. Holmes states, “The graphic flexibility of presentation programs permits the creation of original visual aids”. LCD projectors help teachers in creating visual aids, engaging students in the process of learning, and delivering lectures to the students in a graphic manner. 3. Microphones Voice straining is a problem for some teachers. Verial (2011) states, “Microphones have the advantage of allowing a teacher to avoid straining her voice”. Therefore, in order to convey message clearly, teachers make use of microphones in large classrooms. Microphone provides ease of use to the teachers. It is attached with a computer system. The sound card of the system should be checked in order to avoid problems. The teachers need to vary their volume and pitch for conveying the message clearly. The teachers can make use of high quality microphones in order to transmit their voice clearly to the students. Verial (2011) asserts, “The microphone allows a teacher to project her voice in manner that allows all students in the classroom to hear clearly“. The cost of microphones is not expensive so every one can make use of it. Microphones are reliable in making the voice reach all students clearly. Microphones are easily available in all super stores and technology outlets. Summing it up, ICT in education not only facilitates teachers in explaining complex instructions to the students but also improves students’ learning processes. Therefore, teachers can make use of above-mentioned technologies in order to bring considerable improvement in the teaching and learning processes. Works Cited Dekunder, David. “All SCUC classrooms equipped with SMART Boards.”, 26 Aug. 2010. n.d. Web. 17 Jul. 2011. Dellaporta, Jack. “What are LCD Projectors?.”, n.d. Web. 17 Jul. 2011. Donnelly, Dermot, McGarr, Oliver, and John O’Reilly. “A framework for teachers’ integration of ICT into their classroom practice." Computers & Education 57.2 (2011): 1469-1483. Holmes, Vicki. “The Advantages of an LCD Projector.”, n.d. Web. 17 Jul. 2011. Singleton, Adam. “So, What is ICT?.”, 11 Jun. 2010. Web. 17 Jul. 2011. Verial, Damon. “Technology Equipment for the Classroom.”, 04 Feb. 2011. Web. 17 Jul. 2011. Read More
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I had an issue with a essay types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular paper. Even though "Technology review" is far from my interests, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.

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