Internet of Things-Smart Home - Literature review Example

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The connected home or smart home is constantly evolving from basic connected home networks to a feature loaded collection of consumer electronic devices, multifunctional set-top boxes, broadband-enabled services, and residential gateways. Traditional and existing services…
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Internet of Things-Smart Home
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Download file to see previous pages uniqueness in home appliances such as security cameras, utility meters, thermostats, Blu-ray players and TVs, rather than a feature for the mass-market. As the world moves into a future where connectivity is pervasive and embedded in virtually every household device, this view will become out-dated. According to many analysts, the future smart home is likely to hold between 15 and 30 connected devices and sensors, all linked through a home network and related to service providers’ systems as well as the internet. The array of connected devices will range from usual household appliances through electric vehicle charging infrastructure and solar panels that consume as well as generate electricity. It is expected that the combined revenues from the home energy management (HEM), home automation and smart metering segments will be worth over $44 billion as at 2016. However, the overall potential of the smart home is expected to be considerably greater as devices from the health, home security, and entertainment sectors also become connected (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association [GSMA], 2011).
This paper aims to undertake a critical review on the smart home. Precisely, this paper shall undertake a review of the smart home techniques that are currently in use, the communication techniques, and the boards used. This paper shall further review the currently used boards against the Teensy board, Adafruit CC3000 board, and an Arduino board with yun processor.
Smart Home is a term used to refer to a residence that utilizes a home controller to integrate the different household automation systems within the residence (Robles & Kim, 2010). According to Levy, Taga, Saadoun & Riegel (2012), the Smart Home market consists of four main segments that include home automation/security, home assistance, home cloud, and e-Health.
Levy et al (2012) point out that home automation is the centralization on a unique user interface of five major home systems. These include home utility and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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