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Universal Preschool: Minnesota - Essay Example

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In recent years, there have been legislative attempts to create a universal preschool program in Minnesota; however, none of these bills have passed the legislature. Several other states offer what they term universal preschool…
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Universal Preschool: Minnesota
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Download file to see previous pages They do not like governmental spending for projects such as universal preschool. Critics of universal preschool system argue that “the education laws nowhere authorize the use of education fund spending for this purpose” (Universal Preschool: A story of two other states, 2005). It should be noted that the taxpayers may force to pay more in future, since the probabilities of uneducated children becoming antisocial elements are more. In other words, a little spending for universal preschool may; reduce the threats of criminal activities, avoid the expenditure needed for lengthy trials and other criminal justice procedures, avoid spending needed to rehabilitate the criminals etc. According to Pastore, senior director of early education programs and services for the County Office of Education, “It's an investment issue. It's either we pay now or pay later. What the research is telling us is that if we invest now many of the issues we are concerned about could be decreased"(Duran, 2005) The Committee for Economic Development (CED) - a non-partisan group of business and education leaders - issued a report on Feb. 5, 2002 entitled Preschool for All: Investing in a Productive and Just Society, which recommends "free, high quality preschool education for all children age three and over who have not yet entered kindergarten (Drumbeat Grows for Universal Preschool Government Daycare Renamed 'Early Childhood Education', 2002) Both democrats and republicans have no problems in implementing universal preschool either in Minnesota or in America as a whole. The advantages of universal preschool system are well documented by different scholars, educators, sociologists and researchers. Even the taxpayers...
Even though the concept of universal preschool is acceptable to all, people have still some concerns about how to execute such a big program successfully.
“Research has shown that well-designed preschool education programs serving disadvantaged children can generate benefits to government and the rest of society that outweigh program costs” (The Costs and Benefits of Universal Preschool in California, 2010). This paper tries to persuade the authorities to implement universal preschool education in Minnesota. Universal preschool system removes the barriers in providing education to “"at risk" kids, such as the homeless, immigrants, children from broken homes, children with parents on drugs or in prison, and so on” (Universal Preschool: A story of two other states, 2005).
Even the taxpayers agree that the intentions or the objectives of universal preschool are genuine even though they have reservations about finding funds for such programs. It should be noted that America is wasting lot of money for conducting war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. In other words, the American expenditure in nonproductive sector is more than the expenditure in productive sectors. Under such circumstances, any spending in productive sectors such as education should be supported by the public and taxpayers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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