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The Problems and Development of Preschool Education in China Abstract Preschool education is an increasingly popular initiative in China. Children from the ages of 1 to 3 are attending such educational institutions in record numbers. In many urban areas, preschools are now full-time centres of learning and are becoming an increasingly competitive entity…
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The problems and development of preschool education in China
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Download file to see previous pages As such, it is important that the quality of management and teaching staff is up to certain standards nationwide so that young children are more adequately prepared for transition into primary school at age 4. That is the focus of this study. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 4 Statement of the Problem 5 Purpose of the Study 6 Summary 6 Chapter 2: Review of the Literature 8 Chapter 3: Methodlogy 16 Research Method and Design Appropriateness 17 Research Questions 18 Population 19 Sampling Frame 20 Informed Consent 22 Confidentiality 23 Geographic Location 23 Data Collection 24 Data Collection Procedures 25 Instrumentation 27 Validity and Reliability 27 Internal validity. 28 External validity. 28 Reliability 28 Data Analysis 29 Summary 30 Chapter 4: Results 32 Data Collection Procedures 32 Interview Questions 36 Data Analysis and Results 40 Experience, Qualification, and Training 40 Current Training Opportunities 41 Leadership Style 42 Level of Work in Chinese Preschools 43 Preparation for Primary School 44 Chapter Five: Conclusions 45 Appendix A: Pre-Screening Interview 47 Appendix B: Personal Interview Questions 48 Appendix C: Informed Consent 50 References 51 1. Introduction Many countries around the world have long debated the importance of preschool programs. Some tout the developmental advantages of children who attend such educational institutions from a very young age, while others insist that just as many advantages exist when children stay and play at home during this time. In China, preschool education begins as early as 1 year old. Typically, Chinese youngsters will attend preschool until 3 years of age, when they graduate into a more formal kindergarten program. In China, however, part of the problem exists in the disparity between urban and rural areas. In regards to preschool education, this separation is particularly noticeable and telling. In urban areas of China, preschool is a full time business. Parents can send their children to school, as young as one year of age, either full time or part time. In addition, there is a growing trend towards boarding preschools, where parents can send their children during the week and bring them home for the weekend. Arguably, many contend that such a serious focus on educating such young children is a bit pretentious, while others insist that children attending such preschools gain a valuable edge as they enter primary school. The concept of preschool, however, has hit a difficult patch in rural areas. Most rural families either must pay to have their young children boarded in an urban preschool, or they are forced with the option of far inferior programs in their neighboring villages. Rural, remote, and poor areas of China typically see preschools that are more typical of Western style nursery (day care) centers. In addition, preschools in rural areas are often seasonal in nature, as the teachers typically have other duties to attend to on farms during certain times of the year. Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of preschool’s offered nationwide, primarily as a result of a government initiative that provides such educational offerings to children as young as one year of age. Basically, a combination of state, collective bodies, and private citizens has worked together to expand preschool offerings throughout the country of China. This is response ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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