One Year Action Plan based on based on Epstein's 6 Types of involvement - Essay Example

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This is a 3-way action plan that pivots around the axles of behavior, academic and partnership climate. The action plan is built based on based on Epstein's 6 Types of involvement…
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One Year Action Plan based on based on Epsteins 6 Types of involvement
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Download file to see previous pages Such feasibility studies were done to ensure that the action plan was measurable, specific, time-bound and achievable. These factors were not considered only in the selection but also in the implementation of the plan. As much as possible, over elaboration and sensationalism were avoided. To this effect, the action plan comes with specific activities on what needs to be done to achieve the set targets. These measures indeed make the implementation of the 3-way Action Plan feasible as there are clearly stated measures for achieving the objectives. In the academics for instance, it is stated for example that ways of achieving goal one would be “Parent involvement, increase in Benchmarks, six weeks test, report cards, TAKS testing”. With measures of this nature running through all the goals, the implementation of the plan is indeed feasible. Factors that will Support the Plan As suggested by Epstein, there have been specific factors picked from the home, community as well as the school as supporting factors for the successful implementation and achievement of the action plan. ...
h the academic goals where students will be taken through reinforced lessons in the areas of reading, spelling and the organization of academic competitions to boost students’ desire to learn more. Factors that will Hinder the Plan Not withstanding the carefully crafted factors above, there is no denying the fact that there are still foreseeable factors that may possibly hinder the successful implementation of the Action Plan. Some of these factors include the fact that there may be conflict of targeted goals between the home and the school in one hand and the community and the school at the other hand. This is to mean that there is the likelihood that goals that the home may want to achieve in this period of one year may not just be different from that of the school but opposite to it, causing a lot of inconvenience in striking the balance of pursuing both goals. The same is true for the community. Again, since Epstein suggests that the implementation of the action plan should be out of a collaborative effort between the school and other stakeholders, it is expected that there will be maximum cooperation from the home and community. However, there could be the likelihood that these agents or stakeholders may not have enough time to participate in the implementation of the Action Plan. There could even be apathy on the part of some stakeholders. Financial inadequacies are also hindrances that cannot be overlooked. Extent to which the action plan already supports the Partnership that already exists in School Farlex (2011) explains that “a relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal” As the adage goes, “there is nothing new under the sun”. As a matter of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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