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Developing Deaf Child: Self esteem is a Complex Construct - Essay Example

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Developing Deaf Child: Self esteem is a complex construct Introduction Deafness is explained as an experience that puts a limit on the level of interaction and the “linguistic feedback from the social environment” (Crowe, 2). The negative self perception of the deaf individual largely comes from the negative parental reactions and the lack of understanding of the child…
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Developing Deaf Child: Self esteem is a Complex Construct
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Download file to see previous pages A study conducted has revealed that the socioemotional problems of the children are associated with high parental stress. This fact makes it significant to utilize the Resource Oriented Support Consulting and Support strategy in educating the deaf students and their parents. It has been seen over the time that resource oriented support concept has helped in the development of the child (Hintermair). The Commission on Education of the Deaf reveals that the most difficult challenge while dealing with deaf children and youths is to accelerate language developments among them. It has been identified that there are certain negative factors that affect the self esteem of the deaf individuals. These include the poor parental communication skills with the deaf children, inadequacy in the maternal bonding and there is always a feeling of mistrust among the deaf people and children due to the sense of inequality. This is all the more aggravated by the negative attitudes that the deaf individual faces from people and social isolation. Apart from this there is a lack of cultural identity among the deaf people. Sometimes it has been also noticed that the deaf and short of hearing individual faces rejection from the members of the family and the society as well. A meta- analysis study about self esteem of the deaf individual has found that the deaf children who have deaf parents have higher self esteem than the deaf children with hearing parents. It has also been found that the deaf people who use sign languages have higher self esteem. The more strongly one identifies with the Deaf Community the more he scores in the self esteem. It has been also found that an individual who is deaf identify himself with the deaf community if he has been brought up among other deaf individuals. But interestingly it has been also found out that though group identification is associated with higher self esteem, group membership associates itself with lower self esteem. (Bat-Chava, 221) From the perspective of communication, deafness is also a reason that the individuals isolate themselves from the general society. This isolation develops cognitive and interpersonal deprivation among the individual who are deaf and hard of hearing. There have been several instances when deaf people have developed distorted self concepts among them as they identify themselves in a situation where they are not capable enough to build in a relation with the hearing people around them. Hence the school settings for the deaf children have to be developed in such a way that it can be used to overcome the problems faced by them. (Crowe, 2; Bowe, 1; Hintermair) Family Influence It has been observed that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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