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Parent Response Reflection - Essay Example

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Running Head: Parent Response Customer Insert His/her name: University name: Parent Response Reflection Standards basically define the functions which a student must learn and should be able to do at different grade levels. These standards are set by the schools or by the state…
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Parent Response Reflection
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Download file to see previous pages When the child is ranked as partially proficient this means that he finds his work difficult and he also renders a few significant and minor errors. At proficient level the child is able to do his work with minimal difficulty and no significant errors. And when the child is termed as advanced this means that he can do all his work accurately and easily without any errors and difficulties. While teaching language art we teach your child different reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. According to the 2nd grade language art standards, this course is divided into several levels and your child is promoted to a higher level when he gives satisfactory performance at the existing level. The 2nd grade language art standards consist of seven different standards and your child is performing at different levels in all these standards. Standard one is related to reading and in this standard we work on your child’s pronunciation and enhance his ability to understand different informational text so that he can use it in different purposes. In this standard your child is performing at LA.2.1.4. At this level we work on the vocabulary of your child, we also work on his concept building. At this level your child starts learning different advanced and high level words and there is also a visible increase in the number of words which he can pronounce and understand accurately. The second and third standards are also related to reading. Second standard is about reading comprehension and the third standard is about literary response and analysis, your child will be promoted to these standards when he will complete all the levels of standard one. Standard four is related to writing and in this standard we teach your child the effective writing skills so that he can converse efficiently at various levels with a variety of spectators. In this standard your child is performing at LA.2.4.5. At this level we work on your child’s punctuation and capitalization abilities. Here, particularly your child learns the use of apostrophes in making contractions. He learns to put apostrophes in the place of missing letters. Standard five is also about writing. This standard is about oratory writing. In this standard we work on child’s speech making skills so that he can address his audience in a more effective way. Your child will be promoted to this standard after the completion of standard four. Standard six is about oral communication and in this standard we work to enhance your child’s communicating skills. In this standard your child is at LA.2.6.3. At this level we teach your child learns to express his thoughts via dramas. Your child plays different roles in various drama activities in order to express himself and the skills which he has learned in this course. Standard seven again is related to oral communication and in this standard we teach your child different speech making skills. After giving appropriate performance in standard six your child will be promoted to standard seven. We have ranked your child at different degrees according to the standards. At LA.2.1.4 in standard one, your child is ranked as partially proficient because he had some difficulty in identifying different high level and advance words and even in the words which he was able to identify he made some minor errors. At LA.2.4.5 in standard four, your ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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