Memories of the korean student who came to Canada - Essay Example

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When I came to Canada, I brought with me a picture of myself with my classmates taken in my Junior High School in Korea. Perhaps I could amend the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” to “A picture is the origin of a million memories.” This picture was taken when I was in grade 8 at a school camp…
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Memories of the korean student who came to Canada
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"Memories of the korean student who came to Canada"

When I came to Canada, I brought with me a picture of myself with my mates taken in my Junior High School in Korea. Perhaps I could amend the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” to “A picture is the origin of a million memories.” This picture was taken when I was in grade 8 at a school camp. The picture brings back happy memories of my childhood in my native Korea. It takes me back to the day when we had gone to attend a school camp to a rural area about a couple of hours drive from my school. I can still feel the excitement of the day. We were allowed to wear casual clothes (not our school uniforms ) which was a treat for us and we played games in the bus and were really happy. When we arrived at the camp site, we assembled in the main hall where we were addressed by our principal, while our teachers stood beside us. The games at the camp, the talent shows and the camp fire were so much fun, that they have left a lasting impression on my mind. This picture was printed in the school year book, and each student had to buy a copy of this book. Thinking back, things seem very different here in Canada. First of all, here a student needs to be asked if a picture of him/her may be taken. In Korea, this is not considered necessary. The class picture at the school camp was taken while the students were listening to the Principal's address, and they were unaware that they were being photographed. The year book with the photo was never exchanged with friends and memos were never written in it. Students here in Canada write notes in each other’s year book and exchange them to preserve their memories for later. Teaching styles too are different. In Korea, talking while the teacher is teaching shows disrespect for the teacher, and students had to do as they were told by the teacher. Here however, teachers are more open to discussion leading to greater give and take between teachers and students and perhaps better understanding. Every generation, sees change and more openness and greater rapport between the teacher and the student. I have seen school photos of my parents, and they are very different. For one thing, they are black and white photos and my parents looked stiff and serious. When I asked them about why they did not smile for the photo, they explained that at the time it was considered proper to look serious when a picture was taken. I wonder why this should be so, because they too probably have memories of happy times, but their pictures do not express happiness. “Looking along the roadway that we have travelled we see the landmarks, great and small, which have determined the direction of our feet.”( Barber Margaret Fairless a.k.a Fairless Michael in The Roadmender) These words seem so true in my case. Going to school and studying sincerely have moulded me into what I am today. My background, my school experiences and the culture of listening , have all helped me develop in to a good educator. Works Cited Barber Margaret Fairless also known as Fairless Michael in The Roadmender “At the White Gate “ Chapter IV Para 3 Web The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Roadmender Release Date: November, 1996 [EBook #705] [This file was first posted on November 6, 1996] [Most recently updated: September 8, 2002] Transcribed from the 1911 Duckworth and Co. edition by David Price May 20 2011 Read More
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