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This paper stresses that education has always been on the top of the reporter's priority list. He has taken part in educational programs and achieved awards and honors like in his CNNA courses, honor Roll and high GPAs are the indicators of his struggle and commitment…
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Scholarship Help You Attain Your Goals
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Extract of sample "Scholarship Help You Attain Your Goals"

Education has always been on the top of my priority list. I have taken part in educational programs and achieved awards and honors like in my CNNA courses, honor Roll and high GPAs are the indicators of my struggle and commitment. My determination and self interest in the academic achievement is the basic reason behind my success so far. However, there are a number of hurdles in the achievements of my academic career. Although my performance so far is good but the results would have been better than this if I had a more comfortable environment and stable financial conditions. I have always been searching for ways to cut off my expenses and some ways to earn for my personal expenses. Financial weaknesses pose as a great threat to my academic performance. Working, managing family life and studying responsibilities act as a burden on me. If I will win this scholarship, I would somehow manage to concentrate more on my studies.
The biggest and most important aim of my life is to achieve higher education with excellent academic results. This major aim supports my future goals of getting a reputable designation in my career as well as becoming independent. I personally believe that my academic performance can be improved by winning this scholarship as I would get more time and space to concentrate on my studies. I can put all my efforts and time to be spent on my studies rather than joining some part time job to bring stability to my current financial position.
Owing to my interest in education and determination to achieve my goals, I feel deserving of this scholarship which may give me a new hope to improve my academic results. Read More
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ernsersallie added comment 1 year ago
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Well, I dunno, I wouldn’t rely on somebody else’s experience when writing stuff like that. You never know exactly what a committee is looking for, what do they expect to read in your essay, what they want you to be like, how do they see their ‘very best’ scholarship holder. Also, there is always a danger for you to be excluded, just because you took somebody else’s experience as a basis, tried to show it as your own and was not really convincing in what you wrote, for it is not your story. How can you believe in what you write, if you didn’t experience it on your own skin? And, even more important, you don’t know whether the author holds a scholarship or not, was it this essay that brought him/her this scholarship, or another. So, you can’t rely on it.

kirlinkyleigh added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
I have found some points to add into my own essays. Thank you a lot. Finally a helpful example!
akris added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as

Recently I had to write tons of this motivation letters. I agree that is exhausting indeed. I am very angry with this system. Why should my words matter? If my CV is not speaking for itself, why on earth would any sort of ‘motivational speeches’ matter? I prefer to show what I did, instead of talking about what a beautiful and pleasant person I am. Probably, the most unfair thing is, when somebody just can’t speak for him-/herself because of being shy. So, the scholarship is passed to somebody, who did nothing literally, but is good at speaking for himself.

tcz_95 added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
I vote for more examples of this type of essays! Each student (or a student-to-be) would agree, I am sure. It is always such a struggle to argue your need for a scholarship. The only answer that comes to my perverted mind, when I hear the question ‘Why you?’ is “Because.’ More samples, please. Begging youuuu. Ah, yeah. This one is great, by the way.

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