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On Education - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The given paper provides annotated bibliography on education. Berk's 'Emotional and Social Development in Middle Childhood' book summarizes the different social and emotional developmental stages that occur between birth-adulthood…
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Annotated Bibliography on Education
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Extract of sample "On Education"

Download file to see previous pages The topics of self-esteem, moral development, cultural influences, peer relation, and family influence are all addressed as they pertain to this development of self-concept. Also some of the issues that may arise in any one of these categories are addressed as they may negatively impact this curtail developmental stage in an adolescence life. This book generally covers the psychological view of the stages of development, but it is written from an educational perspective, so they add in many relevant topics and solutions to aid educators in their pursuit of knowledge and growth.
This source is very useful in giving a more clinical approach to the study of adolescent behavior and how outside influences can affect or alter psychological development. This source is very comparable to the other sources listed in that it comes from an educational point of view. However, it does have a slightly less emotional, more factual approach, which could prove useful in crediting my essay. I feel the information written in this book is very reliable, and all facts, concepts written are based on credited, sited works. I also do not feel that this source is biased. It is a source based on information, not emotion. The goal of this source is to inform the reader of the different stages of development. Laura E. Berk, is a distinguished professor of psychology at Illinois State University, where she teaches human development to both undergraduate and graduate students. She has a doctoral degree in early childhood development and education. from the University of Chicago. This book was very helpful in aiding me in my search for information on how issues such as community, prejudices, and cultural acceptance affects the youth of our society. It helped to shape my argument by giving me factual, relevant information on ways one’s acceptance into society and by peers, especially at this age, can affect the entire well being and person one becomes. I can use the facts given in this source to aid the development of my argument and the credibility of my essay. This source did not change my initial outlook on the topic, it did, however, give me useful information in developing my ideas. Bode, Patty, and Sonia Nieto. Affirming Diversity: The SocioPolitical Context of Multicultural Education. 5th ed. Boston. Allyon & Bacon, Inc., 2008. Print. This books looks at the necessity and benefits of a multicultural education for all students. It is intended for both current and soon to be teachers. It discusses the topics of how personal, social, political, cultural, and educational factors affect whether a student succeeds or fails in the classroom. It uses several case studies to demonstrate how the issues discussed in this book have played out in a real classroom. With the goal of this book being to enlighten the reader on how diversity affects students in today’s classroom I found it very informative for my research topic. Being that this is a reliable source, with an objective based approach, I found it very comparable to the other sources listed in this bibliography. The primary goal of this source was to inform, not persuade the reader on diversity in the classroom. The authors, Patty Bode and Sonia Nieto, are both well known, reputable publishers and active in the educational community. Patty Bode is a director of education at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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