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The Value of Art in Education - Essay Example

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The topic of this study is focused on the perceptions of school officials about the value of arts programs in education. The goal of this section is to review relevant literature in this field and set down the theoretical and empirical background to the topic. …
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The Value of Art in Education
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Extract of sample "The Value of Art in Education"

Download file to see previous pages “Awareness of cultural heritage is seen as essential for understanding human experience and establishing a cultural identity” (Rusanen et al., 2011, p. 245). In Brindisi visual arts was used to help children express their thoughts and define their identity. In Barcelona children from different cultures were able to communicate and bridge their differences through visual narratives (Rusanen et al. 2011). As the author states, “Children receive cultural education based on the belief that its inclusion in the curriculum ensures social equity and that the arts can display and challenge social ideals and exemplify social constructions of the self as a performer within a cultural context “ (Rusane et al., 2011, p. 245). The analysis of the projects in Portuguese revealed that artistic activities build vision; they increase motivation and enjoyment toward learning. Arts projects help students be actively involved in their own development (Rusanen et al., 2011). “Meaningful activities should be understood to include children’s opinions, ideas and creative solutions that address the conditions of their lives” (Rusanen et al., 2011, p. 262). Educators are expose students to learning activities in the belief that this that enhances their social and cultural development, although as these examples show, the emphasis can vary from one location to another, depending on the values and issues that are judged to be relevant to local conditions. In India arts education has been recognized as formal from the 1798s. Indian people believe that arts education develops character, shapes critical thinking skills, and establishes aesthetic judgment (Kantawala, 2012). In Botswana the integration of arts...
This paper approves Arts education is essential for the development of people’s philosophy; it enhances learners’ psychological, ethical, and spiritual growth. However, history shows that arts and cultural programs have always been treated as subjects of secondary importance. Over time the role of arts has been downgraded because of different barriers existing in education system.
According to the paper learning music and dance strengthens students’ relationship development and establishes an environment of mutual understanding, care, and intimacy. Learning within a community allows individual students gain information about each other, develop interest in reciprocity, and build skills for team working and leadership. Students participating in learning music and dance demonstrated high motivation,
This essay makes a conclusion that the NCLB Act has provided a much needed focus on the children who require support to achieve minimum standards in their educational experience, but there are some unintended consequences which arise when core competencies such as math and English are emphasized at the expense of arts subjects. Bogdan states, “Massive arts funding slashes in my own country were recently made by a federal government that believes support for the arts be left to the marketplace”. These recent developments in American education are currently causing students to lose out on opportunities of obtaining the kind of all-round education that is suitable and necessary for 21st Century life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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