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Autobiography - Essay Example

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Autobiography Date Autobiography Close your eyes and picture this with me. On an early Friday morning at 6:00, Munnerah anguished in labor pains as looked with teary eyes. On the way to the hospital, despite the wee hours of the day, the traffic light turned red; as if anticipating heavy traffic…
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Extract of sample "Autobiography"

Download file to see previous pages Out came a baby girl and my father who was finally relieved, burst laughing; and as immediately possible, cuddled me to his loving arms. Yes that baby girl is me. I am Ola from Saudi Arabia; I was born in May 1984. I grew up in a world of love and care among great parents and six siblings. I was fortunate to live in a large house with a large family. My brothers’ names were Ahmed, Waleed and Bader. My two sisters: one who is older than me and the other is younger, are named Noof and Razan. My father was a teacher and my mother is a full time home-keeper who takes care of me and my siblings. My early childhood experience was filled with memories of remembering my parents as my first teachers and my siblings were my classmates. I did not have any idea about schools, then; but the holistic support and warmth provided by my family was sufficient to fill my early immersion to the world. I remember my father was very strict with me but my mother was flexible and accommodating. At a very young age, my focus was only to play as I spend all my time playing with my oldest sister. My world evolved around my family as the most crucial people in my life. This nuclear family embodied the influence that I plan to share with my children; as it was instrumental in identifying my personal and professional goals. My family have provided the impetus that have driven me to want to excel in all that I do and try to be a good role model for my children along with others I come into contact with. My life, so far, is comprised of a wonderful family, great friends, a small circle of colleagues from a successful classic car restoration business which I envision to assist in supporting and sustaining a bright and productive future. My Personality I am a flexible person, exemplifying a different personality depending on the people I interact with, and the situation. I have assumed different roles as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, student, proprietor, and an active citizen of our local community. I value virtues such as adherence to integrity and respect; and the need to maintain universal peace. When I came to America, I recognized that I have to adapt to the culture and interact through communication patterns and behavior that are commonly expected. I was surprised by the sincere attempt to deal with diverse kinds of people but apparently, majority seemed to be indifferent and inflexible. Despite their reaction, I still like to interrelate with people and respect them for their beliefs, behavior and preferences. I thereby realized that I am more timid with guys than girls because my religion and my culture precluded frequent interaction with the opposite gender. I like meeting new people and I like to learn more on new cultures and ways of life. I am friendly with everyone; have a great humor; am sensitive with tendencies to be intermittently serious. I am a good listener, and I do give good advices. School Life in Saudi Arabia In 1992, in Saudi Arabia, we start the week on Saturdays, not on Mondays, as what people in the United States are accustomed of. I started the first grade in an elementary school by exemplifying mixed feelings of boredom, anxiety, and fear from being parted from my mother. I seemed to be pessimistic at attending academic classes that I remembered crying the whole day. I asked my mother to stay beside me to keep me safe and secure. She went with me to my classes for just two days because this is all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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