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Education   Name Tutor Institution Date Abstract This is a paper which looks at management in the early year settings from a broad perception. Given the benefit of management, a critical analysis of the management of the provision in terms of manager’s role and responsibilities and government early years policies that influence the management of provision are given…
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Management in a early years setting
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction Evidently through research, it is clear that in an early setting there are certain guidelines that manager should adhere to in order to enhance correct management. There are diverse guidelines in the setting and so manager’s attitudes shape the form of program. In any given business, management is something which should be done in the right manner possible, and this should be able to integrate all elements of management and functions as well. This becomes a defining application which has the capability of improving performance and ensuring that business goals have been realized within the shortest time possible. For instance, within any strategies of management, it should be appropriate to adopt a number of practices, theories and organizational adoptions which have the capability of improving performance of business. In early year setting, management is considered to be significant since this determines several aspects in the running of the business. With this understanding, this paper critically presents a discussion in management in early year settings from a broad point of view. This is enhanced through covering several different topics related to management and responding to different questions succinctly. Critical Analysis of the Management of Provision of the Setting The setting followed through early year’s management stage-offset and the attitudes at the same time as can be set on the subject of specific documents outside the setting. Documents in the settings, it is significant to note down that not every expert that is working in the setting have an identical attitudes and beliefs in place (Harrison, 2003, P. 38). In that sense, they can differ appreciably between individual, and there is no incorrect value, attitude or belief. In this section, the roles of a manager will be highlighted clearly. The Manager’s Roles and Responsibilities Essentially, the main role of a manager is to supervise and ensure that the setting is been run in accordance to the set guidelines (Laura, 2008, P. 48). The manager therefore, becomes responsible to supervising staff when required and ensuring that the staff is always organized in order to accomplish their tasks. There are innumerable ways through which change in an early management can be achieved. This is through the role played by managers as well as their responsibilities. It is evident that members of staff do not have the accountability to deal with management. Their responsibility in the organization is to do what is most excellent for the benefits of the entire organization (Wang, 2010, P. 18). Therefore, the accountability for dealing with management in early year setting is the role of managers. Managers should cope with the change in a manner that workers can get by it. The role of the manager is to keep up to date with registers and other important data files, for children in their early setting. Managers should play the role to smooth the progress and facilitate change, and all this is disguised in that declaration in order to comprehend the circumstances from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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