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Assessment of the child with complex needs - Essay Example

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Assignment Self Assessment (Brief review of my work) The purpose of this paper is to stress the need for more suitable and meaningful assessment tools / methods to determine the developmental potential for learners with complex needs. My initial concern regarding one particular pupil was to determine the functional vision available for communication and education…
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Assessment of the child with complex needs
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Extract of sample "Assessment of the child with complex needs"

Download file to see previous pages Overall I feel that despite the set of abilities which the pupil demonstrates, she needs a holistic communication system that aims at making use of all the senses to support her communication, understanding and education. In addition to the diagnoses, reports dated 11.11.2010,, 10.3.2011 by a multi-agency team based at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children indicate that Pupil Z’s abnormalities in development impact on her motor development, and her visual and cognitive processing that support communication and learning. For example, the cerebral palsy affects her ability to control her body, head and eye movement, and this further impacts her learning and cognitive development. Due to the complexity of her needs she now attends a special school which caters for children with sensory impairments and learning difficulties. Aiming to determine the Pupil Z’s functional vision available for communication and education, led me to a review of literature and concepts relating to assessment of learners who present significant difficulties for researchers. Addressing the issue of the heterogeneity of deaf-blind / multi-sensory impaired population was essential in selecting an assessment approach to assess functional vision for my pupil (Robson 1993 & 2002). ...
There is literature relating directly to assessing vision for learners with multiply disabilities based on systematic investigation. However, I have chosen ‘Vision for Doing’ model designed by Stuart Aitken and Marianna Buultjens (1992) as this approach allows me to assess Pupil Z’s functional vision in the context of multiple disabilities. The strengths and limitations of this particular assessment model have been evaluated below. I observed Pupil Z over three weeks participating in group and one-to-one activities with different people. I noted time of the day; places (classroom, sensory room) and positioning (wheelchair, standing frame) to learn about how she uses her vision for learning. I felt that observations of Pupil Z during routine activities / tasks would be the most effective method of collecting data as it would give me first hand evidence of Pupil Z’s visual abilities. I also felt that well established routine activities will motivate her to use her vision and try to communicate her responses more. SECTION 3 OBSERVING THE PUPIL Z Pupil Z likes / dislikes Activities: Likes / dislikes Number of observers: 1 Positioning: Pupil Z was observed in a quiet, distraction-free area as well as the busy classroom at a time of the day when she was alert and displaying neutral and communicative behaviors. She was positioned in her wheelchair / stander, 19.7 inch from the screen. Listening / watching to a story / song on the plasma screen: “We are going on a bear hunt” “Incy Wincy spider” Observations: During three weeks of observation of Pupil Z despite showing pockets of abilities, she was not consistent in her responses to these activates. We have observed mixed responses to both activities, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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