The Relationship Between Science Teachers Performance in the Classroom and Student Achievement: A Correlational Qualitative Research Study - Assignment Example

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In a globally competitive society, America must develop a well-trained workforce in order to compete. Preparing and equipping students with skills is essential if America is to remain one of the world’s superpowers. …
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The Relationship Between Science Teachers Performance in the Classroom and Student Achievement: A Correlational Qualitative Research Study
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Extract of sample "The Relationship Between Science Teachers Performance in the Classroom and Student Achievement: A Correlational Qualitative Research Study"

Download file to see previous pages By assessing these components possible connections or links may be recognized enabling educators and administrators to formulate strategies to enhance the effectiveness of teachers and improve student achievement.
Undeniably the education system in America is in a state of crisis. Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education during his 2009 confirmation hearing called, “Education the most pressing issue facing America (U.S. Department of Education, 2012). Turkmen (2009) made the statement, “Teaching is one of the most important jobs in society” (p. 2). His statement is simple, but its ramifications are profound. Considering knowledge is primarily transferred through the means of exchange of:
1) print media: books and magazines,
2) visual aids: pictures, graphs, and charts, or
3) direct interaction: teachers in classroom settings or /online the statement proves factual and true.
At the center of education reform currently happening in the United States and elsewhere in the world are teachers. The controversy regarding teachers’ affect on student achievement and performance has sparked heated debates regarding teacher’s performance and tests scores student receive on examinations. The efforts to reform the education system is call for “consequential accountability” in which teachers must perform and demonstrate the capacity to effectively teach and train students (Kress, S., Zechmann, S., & Schmitten, J. 2011). To investigate the validity of a relationship existing between teachers’ performance, teaching styles and the achievements of students this research study will attempt to identify how one is influenced by the other(s). Using a correlational qualitative research design this study will collect data using one-on-one interviews, notations taken by interviewers during sessions, and photographic images captured of teachers and students in classroom settings. The purpose of the research study is an attempt to possibly categorize teaching styles more effective in science classes resulting in higher performance of students on tests and examinations. Social Phenomenon The current discussions regarding teachers’ performance and the influence teaching styles and classroom techniques have on student achievement is the social phenomenon causing researchers and administrators to reassess teacher qualifications and subsequent professional training after certification. The climate of testing in the education system in America is also a contributing factor to the re-evaluation of classroom techniques and the effectiveness of the existing professional development training programs. Determining whether teachers, teaching styles, students, or the administrators in the educational process affect the outcomes of the tests or a combinations of some or all are factors to be analyzed in order to gain insight from different perspectives. Attempting to understand the reasons why students taught by certain teachers achieve higher scores on exams in comparison to students with lower test scores taught by other teachers is a reason to objectively interview and observe the interaction in the classroom(s). Ideally, the data will provide areas human resource managers within schools and schools districts as well as administrators can constructively use to increase the skills and abilities of teachers. In addition the objective of providing information that may in some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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