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Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking - Case Study Example

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This paper "Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking" discusses the risks and hazards of information being misused over the internet. The worst part about cyber-crime is that it is much easier to escape from it without revealing the identity or improvising a false identity…
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Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking
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Extract of sample "Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking"

Download file to see previous pages Where the computer era has devised numerous ways to work more quickly, efficiently, professionally and resourcefully, it has brought with it what we call cyber-crime -- misusing other people’s information without their permission and knowledge.

The reason for it is, of course, the resourcefulness of the internet and the fact that it is away from any kind of physical presence. Moreover, it is very easy to replicate data on the internet to get involved in different kinds of crimes.

With the increasing technological trends and movement towards cyberspace so rapidly, it is inevitable that soon the cyber world will be dealt with a separate set of rules and regulations, laws and globalization. It is not long before divisions within the cyberspace will be dealt with like a separate state just like a physically existing country (Wall, 2007, p.10). What is needed here is that we deal with the dark side of moving towards technology in a way that we are safe from its harmful effects in the long run, that most people fail to realize at the moment?

An analysis of the reasons for internet crime along with its consequence leads to a technological challenge -- whether the harmful consequences outweigh the benefits of the internet and what should be done to reduce crime involving unethical practices of hacking, identity theft, crime in e-commerce and social networking.
Cyber Crime is divided into many categories. These include spam, availability of obscene content, threats, misinformation, cyber terrorism, and fraud. With such a huge variety of crimes going on the internet, it becomes very easy to exploit the users (Brenner, 2010, p.8). The users also come into several categories, from amateurs to professionals and naïve people who do not realize the harmful implications that the usage of internet might cause. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking Case Study - 1, n.d.)
Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking Case Study - 1.
(Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking Case Study - 1)
Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking Case Study - 1.
“Evaluation and Solutions for E-Commerce & Social Networking Case Study - 1”.
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