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Analysis of Electronic Commerce Regulations - Coursework Example

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The main idea of this paper under the title "Analysis of Electronic Commerce Regulations" touches upon the analysis of the legal impact of an eCommerce store with specific reference to Ecommerce Directives and Rules as framed in the Europe Union and the United Kingdom…
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Analysis of Electronic Commerce Regulations
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Electronic Commerce Regulations"

Download file to see previous pages Further, it is stated that public health is an essential part that should be taken care of. In line with this directive it should be noted that the product of yours i.e. Chateau Luton deluxe white wine is perceived to be non-compliance with following analysis along with the measures that should be taken care of so this noncompliance should be cut off:
Directive 95/46/EC (the data protection directive) CITATION 1SO09 \l 1033 states that the flow of personal data from one border to another is being necessitated and facilitated with the introduction of internet transactions and there is no offense.
It further states that in order to remove the hurdles involved in the flow of personal data it is advisable that all the states of the commission get together on a point about the flow of the personal information. Cross border flow of personal data is regulated in a consistent manner community action is required to facilitate these laws.
The website under review does not have any button or checkbox which states that “On clicking the button I Agree to the terms and conditions as laid down by the Website”. If this sort of button is inserted on the website then the website owner is on the safe side of giving the owner and a bit of legal protection in the following paragraphs we will discuss this.
The main point of any contract to be legal is that both the parties agree to abide by the rules of the contract including the visitor who must abide by the rules and conditions as laid down by the website. CITATION 1SO09 \l 1033
Clickwraps are the agreements that are easily visible to the user when purchasing or doing some actions and it is necessary for the user to abide by these terms and conditions in order to continue. CITATION 1SO09 \l 1033
Therefore if we are selling products like these on our website we should give arrangements to be done for inserting Clickwraps on the website currently the website does not have any clickwraps it is in the category of browsewraps. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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