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Got milk - Case Study Example

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List 10 products that could possibly be affected by a problem in the U.S. milk supply chain. What would be the damages to an ice cream business that used contaminated milk in its manufacturing process? Who do you think should be held liable for such as issue?
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Got milk
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Download file to see previous pages It does not matter that the ice cream company only sourced the milk because the company had an obligation to find any defects before the production process started. In this case, I think that the ice cream company and milk supplier should be held jointly liable; the first for not identifying the defect and the latter for supplying a product that was unsafe and harmful for consumers.
2. Do you think a CRM system could have helped communicate issues in the milk production supply chain? How could a company use a CRM system to perform damage control after finding out about contaminated milk in the supply chain?
I think that a CRM system could have been helpful to communicate regarding issues in the supply chain. It seemed like there was no connection between milking stations and big dairy companies. A CRM system would have figured out where the problems were occurring and then quickly find a way to resolve those problems. Customers are a big part of this system, and their opinions could have been sought out much sooner in regards to milk quality. A company could use a CRM system to perform damage control by informing consumers immediately when a problem crops up and also helping to prevent confusion. Communication with customers is very important because otherwise some rumors can be formed and they may potentially have a damaging effect on the company. The best option is just to be open and honest about a problem whenever one is identified.
3. Do you agree with the Chinese court in sentencing of the middlemen to death and a dairy boss to life in prison for their roles in the milk contamination scandal? Do you think the United States should implement similar laws for unethical corporate behavior?
No, I dont really agree with the decision of the Chinese court because I think that the punishment is a little over the top. I feel like this is more for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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