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Study of diary products supply chain with its various components and aspects - Essay Example

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Study of Dairy Products Supply Chain with Its Various Components and Aspects Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Study of Dairy Products Supply Chain with Its Various Components and Aspects Introduction With the current global trend, processed food is becoming the main source of food especially for the developed nations…
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Study of diary products supply chain with its various components and aspects
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Extract of sample "Study of diary products supply chain with its various components and aspects"

Download file to see previous pages We ensure that the amount of fat is reduced and this fat which has been removed is used in the making of products such as butter and cream, all these being the ingredients found in cheese, which will be our primary focus in this paper. Good manufacturing practices such as hygiene, quality assurance and marketing are critical (Andreas & Carl, 2011). Production requirements Cheese storage area capacity is predominantly determined by the target cheese types which are intended through put plans. The equipment which will be necessary for cheese making depends on the type of cheese being produced and facilities which are specifically designed are required, and advice/factory design should be sought. According to the nature and complexity of making cheese, which usually requires precision if one is considering going into cheese making, proper training is a basic requirement. The key areas for consideration in the manufacturing of cheese are pasteurization process of milk, quality control, hygiene and finally marketing and distribution (Andrew, Dan, & Tom, 2006). Legal requirements There are stringent hygiene regulations to be adhered to since safety is an important consideration in the cheese business as is in any other food business. ...
Cheese is a complex food comprising of only a few simple ingredients. There are thousands of varieties of cheese around the world developed by cheese makers, each with a unique taste, texture and nutritional profile. Absolutely, no cheese is similar and we have a large number of standards, due to the existing ways in adjusting the basic recipe of products such as mozzarella, Brie, blue, Swiss, Cheddar and many more. There are two basic types of cheese which we deal with and they are: Natural cheese which comprises of about four ingredients which are basic and they include salt and milk among others. The cheese nutrients such as calcium, protein and phosphorus are due to the milk being the main ingredient. Salt is required for the final transformation of liquid milk into cheese while also acting as a natural preservative. Processed cheese which is made from high-quality natural cheese. Therefore, it also comprises of the said nutrients (calcium, phosphorus and protein). One of its major differences with natural cheese is that processed cheese can be modified to have more calcium as well as extra vitamin D. For processed cheese, the processing is known to stop the aging process, thus maintaining its flavor, texture and smoothness over extended periods of time. Processed cheese can be customized for flavor and qualities such as a smooth melt responsible for making it versatile, tasty and easy-to-use food. There has to be careful application of amount of salt used since it will impact its firmness, flavor, food safety and preservation crucial for our customers. Supply Chain At the start of cheese supply chain, we have the farmers who supply the milk. There are well known unions who we deal with and have been in operation for well over a decade, who specialize in dairy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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